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  1. I haven't been on here in a while, but its nice to see that you just keep beating the crap out of your car! Looks like you have so much fun with it, which in my opinion is what its all about! And of course I love seeing all the in car videos, for obvious reasons! Andrew
  2. Just sent out a Delrin knob shifter today. They are the same style and price as the Billet knob. You just have to tell me which you would like. I have everything in stock again, so PM or email me if you are interested. Andrew Peterson Andrew's Tuning and Performance
  3. I have had some people contact me in the last couple months about shifters. I have been out of stock on the billet knob sticks, and a couple weeks ago ran out of stock on the stock style shifter. However, I have a new shipment of sticks coming in the first of next week and will have more ready and available. I also am offering the billet knob style with a delrin knob that is identical to the billet knob. I have one of those going out next week and will take pictures and post them up for anyone interested. You can PM me, or email me at Ap67et10@gmail.com. The last few months have been insane for me, so if you contacted me and I didn't get back to you, please contact me again and I can get you set up with whatever you are looking for. Andrew Peterson Andrew's Tuning and Performance
  4. That looks great! I like the little shifter box you made for that. Hope you enjoy it. Andrew
  5. The very first design of this shifter was a stirrup design. I ran into some complications with the design and eventually through a TON of work and prototypes ended up with what you see in the pictures. I have thousands of dollars and probably hundreds of hours in the designing, prototyping and production of my shifter. I learned a so much in the process and am very satisfied with the result, as have been those who purchased it. Thank you, I try hard to produce the best products I can. Andrew Peterson Andrew's Tuning and Performance
  6. That is my shifter that I designed and currently build and sell. It is designed for the C series transmission only. The A and B series transmission is different. I have had an idea to build a completely new style shifter for those A and B series transmissions, but have not had the time to engineer it. The A and B series would not function with a design like my C series shifter. Andrew Peterson Andrew's Tuning and Performance
  7. Yeah, Jake knows, this is just mockup. We are trying to figure out wheel and tire placement and ride height. Once we do that we will work on suspension and building the cage. But no it will not be 4 lug. Andrew
  8. So Datsun landspeed truck is progressing. We got another cab, another bed....basically another truck. We are using the frame from the original truck I bought, the cab and bed from the new truck and fenders and probably doors from the old one. And we have a hood from a completely different truck too. So far the frame was stripped and mostly cleaned so I can start building suspension and cage. Andrew
  9. Everything is a compromise. I have built and tuned multiple SR setups and one of the first ones I did had some stage 1 cams I believe..maybe stage 2 I can't remember exactly. They weren't radical, but they were noticeable. Don't get me wrong an SR with cams wakes up the engine, but every decision should come down to what your goals are with the car and what you want it to do. The SR I did with cams had an 18G turbo on it. It would start making some boost (meaning greater than 100kpa) in the 3100-3300 rpm range (this was when boost controller was set to 20psi on E85) depending on how you were driving it primarily. When on pump gas and 10 psi it would ramp in the same 3100-3300 range and peak at 10psi at about 5000 rpm. The Yellow car is all stock SR except has external wastegate and GT2871 knock off ebay turbo. Currently set to right at 10psi on pump gas. It starts making some (greater than 100kpa) boost about 2800 and it fully ramps to 10psi at about 4700 rpm. Now before you get all up in arms about how this all seems backwards, keep reading to the next paragraph. So here is where everything gets confusing and tricky and you should question everything I just wrote. If you are trying to DIRECTLY compare boost/RPM numbers and when it spools, between a cammed engine and stock you will be wasting your time! And this is why "Turbo Lag" is a crappy way to decide what makes power or not. Boost is the result of a restriction! The biggest benefit to cams is that you help increase the efficiency of the engine. That means it will be better suited to take in more air than it was before. (There are some other very complicated concepts with cylinder pressure, overlap, lobe center-line that I'm not even going to touch, but they do make a difference, just not in this quick overview) The result with a cammed engine is typically LESS boost at the same RPM as before. The reason for this is that it is consuming more CFM than it was before, which is creating LESS restriction which means LESS boost. What this does mean, it MORE power at the same RPM, and typically MORE power at LESS boost. The only thing that actually creates more power is the consumption of more CFM of air, which is what is happening because it flows more as a result of less restriction. Now, what this all means is that trying to assume the kind of power you make based on boost isn't so easy when you start dealing with cams and head work being done. I can pretty much guarantee that the cammed SR I tuned made more power pretty much everywhere over the stock SR, even though based on boost ramp you never would have guessed it. This is some of the reason why I was saying spool time really won't be effected much by cams. The turbo size based on the engine size is the biggest factor that determines spool speed. The most noticable benefit of the cams were the gained power above 6k RPM. Stock SR's are done at 61-6200...the cams give you a good 500 rpm of useable power. The cammed SR without a doubt hit so much harder when boost started to ramp, it was so much more of the light switch you say you don't like than the stock setup is, so that is something to consider. Everything comes back to the goals of the car, and what you want it to do. Hope this helps a little, Andrew
  10. If you are happy with the power, then I'd leave it alone. changing cams adds quite a bit of cost and unless you really want to turn it up a bunch its probably not worth it. You won't really be able to speed up spool time much. The thing is that if you get above about 10-12 psi, you have to go with a bigger turbo to be efficient. However that efficiency comes from more charge flow and more charge flow is made from bigger compressor which requires a bigger turbine which requires more exhaust flow, heat and pressure. Because of this you really need to run a turbo that is kind of too big in terms of what will be seamless and easy for the engine to spin on its own. When you start raising the amount of boost you are trying to run the turbo ends up needing to be quite a bit bigger than the engine can spin efficiently so, until some boost starts to build, it really doesn't make enough exhaust flow, heat and pressure on its own to get you spooled quickly. This is always the downfall of upgrading to a more efficient turbo, however there are lots of features that can help. Launch control and anti-lag are some of those. One of the biggest things is learning the car and what gear you should be in to try and get it where it can build boost more quickly. If you try and roll into the throttle in 2nd at 10-15 MPH when you were only about 2000 rpm, then its going to lag pretty hard. If you were holding 1st at 3500 it'll hit real hard and ramp immediately. Don't get me wrong, cams would help some, but probably not nearly as much as you are hoping. So it all depends on what your budget is and what you want the car to do. Andrew
  11. That is along the lines of what I would expect for power on that boost level with stock cams. The stock cams do suck, but also make It much safer to push the boost a little on pump gas. How much timing did they end up putting in it to make 280hp? Don't get too caught up in numbers...everyone wants to talk hp number and in the end they mean absolutely nothing. Andrew
  12. The only thing Datsun on this truck will be the body. Absolutely nothing else... I'll post pictures soon if the racecar. I can't seem to post them on my phone. Andrew
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