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  1. Sorry no longer interested in trades, just cash.
  2. If your interested in the car PM me for more pics of what you'd like to see
  3. illest

    WTB: Datsun 510

  4. pics were gone, now they are back.
  5. Bump for pics. The sun came out just long enough for some pictures.
  6. I've lost interest as of late with my Dime it is now for sale. 1970 510 L16 with auto trans Price is $5,000.00 for the Car, Wheels, and all the Parts. Feel free to shoot me offers I wont be offended. Some car history, It was a California car that was driven and registered until the early 2000's. It was then bought by a 510 and stored, he then sold the car to a non-510 guy who kept it covered and then sold it to me. I got the car in stock form and lots of parts. I then gave it a tune up, cleaned and preped the interior and lowered and rebuilt the suspension. Everything works on the car, everything is there. Its also sitting on some real SSR MK II's. The car is my daily driver and is reliable. I do have a manual trans, Peanut head, 2 windshields, AC unit, and many more parts that come with it. I also just put in a new Retro sound head unit with iPod/AUX jack. Iam no longer interested in trades. Please PM me thanks. Pics:
  7. illest

    illest's 70 2dr 510

    It turns out I'm still alive. I do need to lower the car again but I've been lazy. It now has an all new interior and radio. It's been fun but I might be looking to off load it soon...maybe.
  8. I dont think so, I have a red one that was blue leather but is now black leather. I see a lot of this people adding RARE to everything.
  9. illest

    Datsun Font??

    Does any one have a Datsun font? Like this:
  10. illest

    What seats are you using in your 510??

    well I went with Prelude seats ill post some pics once they are in!
  11. illest

    Project Ocean Spray 1969 510

    hood pins are always a bad idea!

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