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  1. https://www.classiccarperformance.com/products/datsun-240z-260z-280z-high-torque-starter?variant=9805937901615


    Would this fit a L16  510/ 521. I thought all L motors the same. but they list it as L24/26/28

    I got a TSI Automotive starter which really is a HI TORQ IMI starter the adapter I got looks differnt than this one(not installed).  I was thinking of buying this one as a spare or use this one as my 521 shit the bed 2 days ago with the Vatozone or O rileys starter so going to try this one maybe as its a good price. 189 shipped


    Both  TSI Automotive and this one is a Nippondenso motor and selinoid set up

  2. https://www.classiccarperformance.com/products/datsun-240z-260z-280z-high-torque-starter?variant=9805937901615


    I got a starter from TSI automotive and its a HI TORQ IMI 

    the one pitchurd in the link looks a little different that the one I have.

    anyways all the L series starters should fit right.????? I always thought they did

  3. I have her old House phone

    Can you send if possible but I yahoo mailed her and never wrote back maybe it changed also

  4. Tana where you at? txt me 253 653 3690 txt

  5. Tana  tx me 253 653 3690 you doing OK?????

    1. bananahamuck


      She’s on Facebook right this second.. she doesn’t text only house phone. I’ll send her message to come here if you want..


      Also,,  I have her home phone number and could send privately .. 

  6. SU manifold have water ports  but all weber and Mukunis manifolds don't have water ports.


    running sidedrasfts I prefer not having the water ports in the head to worry about springing a leak.

    I used 1/4 pipe plugs on my first head.  

    If head has the water ports already from factory I think just the short tap will work.  short tap as it bottoms inside the head

    1. datzenmike


      Only the '75-'77 L20Bs had the U67 head without the coolant holes.ALL other L16/18 and '78 and up L20Bs had coolant passages and they didn't leak!!!!! Why plug them? because they might leak?? but history has shown that they never do.


      A Weber intake that does not have coolant passages with cover any holes and the gasket will seal them. They always have.

    2. banzai510(hainz)


      Its a pain in the ass dealing with water getting in the intakes. I swapped many a Felpro Intake gasket as they are not as good as the SSS Graphite Nissan versions. What usually happens the lower center of the gasket blows out and gets stinky/  Pull of the sidedrtaft as a unit and replace gasket in half hour no clean up.

  7. a 32/36 weber is fine for your application that what I got a L16 with a L20 head but have a cam. Its fine.

    I like the manual choke version.

    However on hot days it can desiel(run on as the later L20s and later L motor the carbs have a anti desieling selionoid on carb to plug the idle jet.  If your car /truck has this already you could het a 32/36 DGEV/IC carb as it has this selionoid with it and just use the 12volt wire from car.

    1. athoose


      Why do you prefer the manual choke? And I just noticed the manual choke 32/36 kit is 60. Dollars more than the electric choke, what the hell!? That's an expensive cable, right.

    2. banzai510(hainz)


      I like the manual cause if one fucks with the adjustment then it seems never to be perfect after that . Means it stays on too long or too short.

      If your car/truck has the 12volt wire I guess you can take it but if you later get a IR alternatort you have to remove the auto choke relay as it will kill the battery(if this was orginal a external volt reg )




      To me it should be cheaper  32/36 DGV 5A

  8. if you got a digital caliper could you measure across the headgasket bore?  85 /86/ 87mm

    1. mainer311


      Sure, once it comes in. 

    2. mainer311


      Hainz, the head gasket is measuring 86.3mm in the round direction.

    3. banzai510(hainz)
  9. contact Byron510 on here or the 510realm for those specs you gave my on daily driver status with that cam. He has more knowlegde on this but I thinks its too big and compression will be OK only if you run minimum of 93 or better(if avail)

  10. let me know how the wheels fit when the bumpsteer spacer is removed


  12. whats the update on this

    get it running? put fuse back in? blu wire?

  13. could be overfilled but hard to really over fill it as oil comes out as your screwing that big nut back on. if you thinks its tranny oil(has that smeal and is like honey its comming out the front by the block.

    Im only guessing it could be over full but datzenmike might no more as he more a trans guy.PM him and se ewhat he says.

    but if leaking from fron the clutch will get oil and go ...

  14. need to get a supplier in the states to buy these. a good demand here but prices could be better. As you know 510 guys here have NO MONEY!!!!!!!

  15. which webcams you running. I have 2 488/252 cams but havent run them yet.

    I have a Schneider 460lift also but Schneider dont make new cams anymore only send your cam in for regrind.

    PM me as I cant intiate a PM on my computer

  16. Primo something is wrong,

    I would think its the volt reg.

    I assume you have a external volt reg on this since its a 74.

    I have seen where people have a external volt reg and put on a Internal reg alternator. Gives a wondering around voltage.

    you dont want over 15 volts it will slowly cook the batter(acid ooze out the top and ruin what paint you have left )


  17. let me know whats going on with the trans leak. I cant PM you with my computer. so you have to PM me so I can converse. Luv the truck. Fuck the guy saying to a front end conversion. Just roll it as a daily driver. Esp if you pull the motor, its tricky on 521s so let me know, My motor is out now

  18. cant post any more and PM I have to wait 15min after sending one

  19. Clean out your mail box

    Whats your adress.?????

    full name and adress Zipcode


    You going to get the LCAs?

    and the hood pumpers?


    Let me know ASAP.


    Spot wel wipers.

    Fix the wire on my fsue box.


    Or give me a bunch of fuse boxxes I can maybe fix some on my spare time at work.

  20. I hate this Visitors section.

    I knew soemthing was up


  21. they are fine.

    Hopefully the cam and all the lash pads are installed and just ready to bolt on.


    I have a 210 head which has the small ports and valves. It would get the car running. But the SU ports are so big but it would be running.

    Ill let you borrow it untill you get something else But better to get a A87 W53 or U67 as they are squar port exhaust.


    I do have a round port L20 head a W58 ir something but I dont know if you can use a round port exhaust on a square exhaust manifold.

    Ask on mybe on Ratsun. I can give you taht also but ask about the round head square exhaust

    Hainz 253 653 3690

  22. My car is at Franks already.

    I dont want a Auto. But do have the conversion pcs If I need one.

    As for the Z wheels I would just throw them away. I hate em with a Passion. I bout some ROTA RBs and might buy another set if the car come out good as a spare. as they dont make offsets like this too often. They are a cheap wheel that could explode but they look good and meet japanese VIA spec.


    Thank for letting me know. The best deals are sometime word of mouth


    Doug should have got more for his car!!!!!!!!!!!! IT was DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Frank has my car I wrecked it. Needs a front clip .

    More or less underneath the car buckled up while trying to keep up with a 240sx thru a roundabout.


    Was being juvinile and hit brake ,gas same time and accelerated into a curb.


    Body looks fine at first glance but spotwelds broken ect,,,,,


    frank and Jeff said they can fix it. car is not worth alot but I have had it 20yrs which is more sentamental.

    Dont really want a Supernice 510 but a beater type to drive around.


    DatDougs 510 was one of the best around. Too nice for a daily driver but was sold at a good price.


    I do have my Covert 510 but its almost as if I never own it. Frank likes it and want me to go to Golden Gardens with it I said NO. Itsa cold and the roads are so bad I might bottom out and ripp something underneath

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