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  1. The manifold appears to have been made that way. There were no leaks when they were on the car
  2. Yes i believe they are. This setup was on my car when i purchased it.
  3. This is a pair of dual 40 carbs that were in running condition when i took them off of my car. I dont know anything more about them. What you see in the pictures is what you get. I am asking $575.00 for them. . .
  4. Yes it did belong to dan. I have done an enormous amount of work to it since he had it. This car has not been running since 1998 so it took alot of conditioning to get it back on the road
  5. My mistake. It is actually plumbed into the intake manifold. I thought that that would be sufficient
  6. Im venting the breather into the exhaust manifold. I havent had it running that long. It has been a fun project
  7. This is an extremely nice 1970 datsun 510.this car is very rare and is equiped with a factory tachometer and has a l18 motor in it.The car has recently had all fluids flushed out, gas tank has been vatted out and new fuel lines,new weber 32/36 carburator. New wheels and tires, new brakes,new clutch hydraulics,new starter,alternator,water pump,thermastat, new battery, new plugs,plug wires, disributer cap,rotor,new blaster coil,upgraded to dizzy electronic ignition, new battery,new radiator.the car was repainted in 1998 and shines up well. It does however have a couple of rust bubbles showing up in the passenger quarter panel but other than that the car is super nice and runs and drives great. I am the 3rd owner and the original owner owned the car till 2008. You will be hard pressed to find a 510 anywhere this nice for the price if you can even find one.This car is close to stock and has never been cut on. . . . . .
  8. I used a 3/8 bspt thread and it only screwed into the housing about a 1/4 of a inch and ended up cracking it so i was thinking that it was the wrong size
  9. im in need of a lower thermostat housing to go on my L18 510
  10. i am trying to put an aftermarket mechanical temperature gauge in the 510 and the kit came with npt threading.i was previously told that the proper threading was bspt and i was told that i needed a 3/8 bspt to a 3/8 npt adapter.i purchased one and went to thread it into the housing and it was to tight and ended up cracking the thermostat housing.does anyone know the proper size that i need.
  11. yes. i had actually found 3 bolts missing when i purchased the car
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