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  1. Yeah those are 205/60/15's. I run 205/60/13's (pictured up against the drawers). i just poped the 92's off another car in the shop. I guess if you stretched a 195 on an 8 you could put -4 degrees camber up front and clear no prob. I can go to almost -6 up front but thats just silly. Rears, for us solid axle guys, -25 on an 8 will be outside of the cdm fender flare... thats cool i guess if you dont like being that low, or dont mind banging it on the flare. My picture is kind of deceptive also because i had a jack under the rear and the tire isnt touching the ground. The tires weren't my concern, its that with -25 on a 7 the rim just barely pokes in the front and pokes a few mm in the back. Im too low for those offsets but a taller car could do it, it would just poke. All i was saying is that they will poke. Im about to pull the tires off the enki's so if some one wants to see what 15x7 -25 poke looks like without tires being a factor. On the 13's ive got 3.5 inches between the ground and the oil pan, less to the header, it scrapes on everything.
  2. 14x8 -28 will come out past the CDM flare... Here's how i know: 15x7 0 offset with 20mm bolt on spacer and a 5mm slip-on spacer front (25mm total) 15x7 0 offset with 20mm bolt on spacer (the 5mm slip-on made the tire touch the flare... a lot) Rear.
  3. I'm actually considering running the 15's as I'll get 205/50/15 nt01 and r888 take off's free from a buddy of mine.
  4. I got some 15x7 0 offset 92's and decided to throw them on the 1200. They are quite a bit bigger than my 13 inch Panasports. with a 205/60/15 the tire touches the flare. Ill probably need to go down to a 205/50 All of these pictures are with a 20mm spacer. I may just run a 15mm front and 20mm in the rear.
  5. Outside in would be easier/harder. You will no doubt cause all manor of dents and ripples beating the outside in. However, the outside is MUCH thinner metal so it would in theory be easier to hammer/shape. I do it this way to keep the jagged seam as far away from where the tire can contact it as possible. This way in the event your tire does touch the fender, it will be on a smooth roll.
  6. Also a little tip i figured out is to wedge a little block of wood or something on the inside of the fender. once you cut the inner and outer free from each other the outer has a tendency to suck in about a half inch. This should keep the fender from deforming so you can weld it and put some strength back into the panel.
  7. I finally got around to re-chopping the hell out of my fenders for the CDM flares. I cut the fender up about 2 inches and left the inner fender a bit long. I basically just split the spot welds and chopped it right above. Then hammered, and hammered, and threw tools and cursed, then hammered more. this is right about to where i wanted it. Ready to re-weld.
  8. ...you contemplate getting a bigger shop so none of your cars have to sleep outside. (Not pictured but in the corner is my 1200)
  9. Tempe here, also a member of Desert Datsuns.
  10. Its a 240sx and the coilovers are Tein super drifts. Molding in the fenders, i affix them to the body (if you have the rivet reliefs already just rivet it on and fill the reliefs) and a panel bonding adhesive like the guy in the video did. Then a thick strip of the panel bonding adhesive in the joint where the flare meets the body... let it set up and do a quick sand then cover the joint with a light weight body filler. If you are going to have to use a lot of filler to make it smooth then just lay some fiber glass over the joint/seam first. Ideally you'll want as little filler as possible or it may crack down the road. You'll put a lot of hours into sanding/shaping and its probably best to just pay some one to do it once you've cut, welded, and attached the flares.
  11. this is the arch cut and the inner hammered up a bit. This is after a bit of hammering the inner over the outer a bit more hammering... (this car had a 1/2" of bondo and tons of holes on the rear fender... hopefully yours will look better under there.) I can't find a picture of it welded but you get the idea... you'll notice the gap... that wasn't a mistake, it was rusted on the back side and i trimmed it out. Start to finish this is about a 3 hour job for rears and like 20 mins fronts.
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