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  1. I have a bunch of these on my lot. They are a bit older, so who knows what was shipped in them. One of the containers had a pin hole in the roof, and when i parked my Z in there for the winter, I didn't see it and I guess moisture got inside because when i pulled it out in the spring any unpainted part was rusted, there was also a bit of mold on the inside of the car. I was super bummed as I had many hours of work into it. The roof of the container also had mold on it. In my area (the Bay Area) these do sweat, I think its due to moist air and then heat in the daytime. So FWIW I would clean it out before use, open the doors as much as possible and keep it on blocks or some other way to elevate it and allow air to pass under. Now to get after that rust!
  2. Awesome, thanks! I figured that was the case, but one never knows after 47 years!
  3. Hi All, Did our cars come with rear shoulder seat belts? I have located the hole for mounting them, but my car has retractable lap belts and there doesn't seem to be a way that a shoulder belt would buckle in?? Not a big deal, just a bit of a wonder. I would think a set of Z belts would work but I am far from that step!
  4. Got the Wilwood conversion kit and it has no provision for an e brake. What are you guys out there doing to replace the e brake? I have looked into a hydro lock but those dont work as an e brake, more of a parking brake I suppose. Now on my daily driver it has a foot operated push on push off type of e/park brake, have never used it (car is an automatic) and in an emergency I dont think I would ever react in time to use it. That said my DD is a newer car with many more safety features, and I would think less things to fail in the braking system. Is there a solution? I am thinking a hydro lock would be better than nothing. And while a drift style hand brake would work and are inexpensive, I am not sure about the look and effectiveness of one of these. TIA
  5. Time Left: 7 days and 8 hours

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    Got the Transmission but it didn't come with the shift lever. Anyone have one laying around in a parts pile that needs to go to a new home? Thank You!


  6. Wow guys, thanks for all this info. Great stuff here and allot to think about. looks like there is a few options out there and some decisions need to be made. Thank you again!!
  7. I have all the stock suspension so i can get a count. I have read your write up about cutting the perch and maybe taking one coil off then using a split collar and thinking about that way to go. I may wait on this project until I have the car back together. Much work to do before it is back on the road.
  8. will upload pictures soon. Mike is correct (as usual) roadster springs in the rear. Banzai, are you sure about just cutting a coil off? I heard (on roadsters anyway) that this is not a great idea due to geometry issues. Maybe mike can confirm or deny? I dont need to go too low, maybe an inch or two max... I'll keep studying up and in the meantime I will work on the dog leg 5 speed I just got in today.
  9. New to the 510 world, and hoping for some solid advice. I would like to lower the car (who wouldn't?) but don't need to adjust the ride height. So not looking for the expense of coil overs since this will just be a weekend car. I have read about the advantages of using some 280zx fronts and a bit about using roadster springs in the rear. I have also seen write-ups about cutting the perch off and using a collar, so I have some ideas about where to start, but I guess I am just looking for a simple way to get the car a bit lower without mucking with the whole suspension? Is there a quick and dirty/clean way to do this? Thanks for any new info you guys can provide! W
  10. Time Left: 13 days and 8 hours

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    Looking for a single point Dizzy for my L20B. Ideal would be from a 68, but let me know what you have...


    Rohnert Park, California - US

  11. it was off a 810 auto waggon
  12. Do you have some experience that you can share?
  13. was just checking as I tried pulling them again, and they won't budge! Maybe someone here has another idea?
  14. Anyone know how to get the rear end of a 810 appart? Is it just a mater of pulling the axle's out first, then remove the front of the pumpkin? I tried pulling on the axles, but they are not moving, wanted to ask before I broke something. Thanks, W
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