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  1. I said I'd never sell it, but whatever. Things change. I need $1000 firm for it, picked up or extra for delivery if needed. Located near Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario. Don't post here, I won't see it. Kijiji Ad: http://kitchener.kijiji.ca/c-cars-vehicles-cars-trucks-1978-Datsun-620-Pick-Up-Truck-W0QQAdIdZ438826094
  2. yes, back to the topic of non-progressive pictures. hahaha. All in time. been working 14 hour days, so that means money for my s10, which means it gets done sooner, which means the 620 gets started sooner.
  3. Yeah yeah. It'll get worked on eventually, just not any time soon.
  4. The mez is built to hold 200lbs per sq ft. My datsun is 5x14 feet, so that's 14 thousand pounds. Plenty safe.
  5. The front geometry is completely different with an 240sx subframe. I wouldn't simply install a rack with stock 620 suspension.. Again, the frame is fucked. completely. If it were solid, i'd just slam it the way it is. If i'm gonna build a frame for it, why not go IRS for cheap with a suspension that is PROVEN to do very well with LOADS of aftermarket support, some of which means a whole lotta steering angle?
  6. Well, for now it is. It will get built, just not any time soon. I have to finish the 4link and coilover install on my red s10 that I posted, then this project will begin.
  7. Again, no progress, just pics. A couple friends and I rented a shop together, so I picked up the truck from the former storage place at my buddy Rob's house. got it to the shop safely! The 2.8L 5spd in my beater just isn't enough to pull any weight, but she did it! Got her inside. Like I've mentioned, this project won't be touched for quite some time. It's getting creatively tucked into a corner of the shop, stay tuned for further details!
  8. no progress, just more pics... goes into permanent hiding as soon as we get a shop. It'll be tucked away until I 4link and coilover my red truck.
  9. The frame is completely shot, especially the rear portion. Again, I haven't even touched a wrench to this truck yet or looked it over 100%. Maybe a back half with link/coilovers is more ideal and affordable than IRS with subframe, but I definitely want to go R&P for lots of angle, helps so much to avoid spinning out. Depends how rotten the frame is and such.
  10. I'm not saying $900 is steep in general, I'm saying $900 is steep for the truck in it's condition. I'm also completely unaware of the value of these trucks, so who knows. Either way, I'm happy! IRS because racecar? haha
  11. My buddy moved it outside for a thorough cleaning of his garage, no big deal. He snapped this picture for me. It`ll sit for some time, but who knows.
  12. First off, I'm Zach, and this is my 620 build thread. New to the forum, hi and hello. My buddy picked up this '78 620 a while ago, but his parents are fucktards and are no longer allowing him to keep it in the garage or even own it. So, I showed up to his place with a trailer and it was mine for $900. A steep price but I've rarely seen these up for sale, so I snagged it. It's fairly rough, but so are all the other Datsun's I've seen (at the beginning, anyway) Exterior is pretty solid from what I could tell, but it needs floors and the frame is FUBAR. Perfect for my intentions... which will be explained some other time when I'm not tired. I'm storing it in my buddy's garage for now, I need to save up some coin and get my own shop ASAP. It's tucked away safely until that time comes. I'm too tired to explain in detail my intentions, but a hint is boosted SR20, 240sx front and rear subframes, custom chassis, body drop, camber, wiiiide wheels, stretched tires, fender flares. This thing will be my drift missile, nuff said.
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