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  1. I've been posting to the Internet since 1994, back then it was Usenet Newsgroups, the vBulletin when it was introduced. This is the first time I can recall when the members of a discussion forum were reached out to and given the chance to be on TV with their car. We're open to anything cool and interesting and since I've owned a number of Datsuns and this forum has been very helpful in helping me with my projects I wanted to share the opportunity with my forum friends. The HAMB Moderators removed all my posts and my membership. To me this is a shame on their part as they just decid
  2. Your chance to be on TV with your car! - The REAL DEAL! Hi everyone, new guy Mike Phillips here with an opportunity for you to get your car on TV... My company has a brand new TV show that I'm the host of called, What's in the Garage? This show will be on the Fox Sports Networks starting in the 2nd quarter of this year, 2011 We start filming in two weeks. I'll be in Bristol, Tennessee filming a how-to segment with Sam Memmolo and Dave Bowman on their TV show, Motorhead Garage. Working with Sam and Dave on the set of MotorHead Garage After that I'm le
  3. ***Update*** About a year and a half ago I moved from SoCal to Florida for a new job that's worked out pretty well. I've been on Two Guys Garage and Motorhead Garage, and made lots of videos and now have my own TV show that will start airing in April of 2011 called "What's in the Garage". Anyway, I'm coming out to SoCal for the Thanksgiving Holiday and I'm going to freshen up the Datsun and drive it around while I'm back there. It needs new star adjuster tensions on the front brakes but one of the Admins on this forum, J2eDeYe has sent me some so as soon as I get into town I'm going
  4. Yes, I'm planning on bringing it to Florida, going to probably have it shipped out like I did my Jimmy and my boat. :)
  5. I'm offering my 1974 Datsun Truck for sale. The truck is in Apple Valley, California and I now live in Florida. Since it's a 1974 you don't have to hassle with getting it smogged, to me that makes this a desirable truck just to avoid the paint in the butt smog check, dealing with the DMV and reduced costs. It runs great, has an automatic and paint is in good shape. It only needs a couple of spring tensioners on the front brakes to keep the star adjusters from backing off. I'll be in California in the next 30 to 40 days and if I don't sell it I will drive it out to Florida. There's no
  6. I'm looking for two tension spring "things" that keep the star adjuster from backing off on the front brakes of my 1974 Datsunt Truck. Here's a thread about it here, http://community.ratsun.net/topic/25734-1974-620-brakes-spring-loaded-klipperdoo-that-keeps-brakes-from-getting-out-of-adjustment/ Thanks, Mike
  7. 974 620 Brakes - Spring loaded Klipperdoo that keeps brakes from getting out of adjustment? First... WOW! Since the last time I posted this forum has undergone some major changes! Okay, got that out of my system... I had a post on here about finding replacement components for the front brakes on my 1974 Datsun Pickup but I couldn't find it. Too bad for me because one of the forum members had the parts I needed and was willing to sale them to me. Anyways, here's my truck... some of you may remember some of the threads I started as you all helped me to put it back on the road.
  8. For what it's worth... I had the original radiator re-cored and now it never goes past about 1/4 on the temp guage... Runs great! :)
  9. Star Adjusters? Where to buy for a 1974 620 I tried NAPA and Autozone and no luck? Can they still be had new or is this a trip to the salvage yard? :)
  10. I like the Bar Buoy because it has two swivel points, that's the "hi-performance" portion of this particular upgrade and this write-up. The stationary option is also a good option, not sure if it qualifies as hi performance as compared to the two swivel points of the Bar Buoy. Personal preference. :D
  11. ***Update*** A new addition to the On-board Navigation & Engine Monitoring System has been installed, beta-tested and approved for use. Pre-Cup Holder Datsuns - An upgrade you can do with simple tools at home Includes instructions for duplicating this for your own truck.
  12. Pre-Cup Holder Datsuns - An upgrade you can do with simple tools at home Problem Early Datsuns trucks didn't have any built-in cup holders. Result Lots of spilled soda pop, water, tea, coffee, etc. usually on the floor. Solution A custom, high performance cup holder. Raw Materials 1/8th" by 1.5" x 10" aluminum flat bar (Lowe's) Cup Holder (Marine Supply Store) Machine Screws with lock nuts Tools Electric Drill 1/4" Drill Bit and a 5/16" Drill Bit Screwdriver and/or wrenches depending upon the type of machine screws or small bolts you're using to attach the cup-h
  13. Electra Scope - How to wire up? Added a new gauge to my truck to compliment my other high performance gauges. Didn't get any instructions with it when I bought it. I'll need to somehow connect a wire to the Spark Plug terminal, (I'm guessing), and then run the wires through the firewall, under the dash and then borrow some room where the vacuum gauge line is running and then to the wires poking out of the back of the gauge. Electra Scope Figured I'd run the wires through one of those black plastic wire harness/tube things unless someone has a better suggestion
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