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  1. I have a stripped down cab from my 66 single headlight 520. The floors are solid, core support is straight. I don't wanna junk it. I'd like to get $100 bucks for it. Will post pictures when I get a chance. Thanks.
  2. Heres a shot or two of my work in progress. Refrain from the flames. Relax... Im a professional. The plan is to build my L18, dual flat top su's, my dogleg five, and get the driveshaft shortened. Its got the 4.88 rearend. So Im keeping my eye out for some tall steelies with pie cutter tires. The cab has been moved towards the rear almost a foot. The bed is 10 3/4 inches shorter and about eight inches narrower. The roof was cut into a 'convertible' when I got it so I plan on building it as a removable hardtop with a built in 2-3 inch chop. The next step is to flatten out the bed sides to square
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