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  1. jeckle4043

    521 Steering Column

    We are trying...thanks for this info it is very helpful
  2. jeckle4043

    521 Steering Column

    Thanks for the responses! I'll see what my dad thinks we should try. :) I'll let ya know if we are successful!
  3. jeckle4043

    521 Steering Column

    I'm trying to take my body off the frame to paint the frame. What is the best/easiest way to remove the steering column? thanks, B
  4. jeckle4043

    Need 521 windshield and gasket

    I also need tailgate as well
  5. jeckle4043

    Need 521 windshield and gasket

    I'm looking for 521 windshield and gasket. Someone has one posted in classifieds but no way to contact them. Thanks B
  6. Looking for several parts for my 521 but really need tailgate, door locks w/key, windshield gasket, back tail light passenger side, hood rmblem, and datsun 1600 emblem (1)
  7. I need door locks if you have key with them. I'm looking for a nice tailgate as well. I'm in Indiana so don't know shipping cost on a tailgate though.
  8. jeckle4043

    521 parts

    I need a new windshield and the gasket that goes around it. I also need both key locks in both doors. I'm looking for the front hood emblem and the datsun 1600 emblem(just need 1 of these) You have the piece that goes above grill, just a straight chrome piece i think.
  9. jeckle4043

    1971 521 truck

    I'm getting ready to replace my windshield but need the gasket for it. Anyone have a good place/website to find these if there are any? Thanks.
  10. jeckle4043

    72' 521Project...GEtting it back on the RoAd

    Will you PM and send a few pics. Thanks.
  11. jeckle4043

    72' 521Project...GEtting it back on the RoAd

    Ya still got that emblem? I'm interested in it. Thanks.
  12. jeckle4043

    521 Parts I dont need anymore!

    I'm looking for the headlight bezels...is this what you mean by the rings ?
  13. jeckle4043

    72' 521 question about 3rd gear clicking sound..

    Ok thanks for that info. :)
  14. jeckle4043

    72' 521Project...GEtting it back on the RoAd

    Yea I actually showed my dad this site today and he said that my grandma actually re-did the dash a long time ago. she has been gone for awhile, but she was awesome at that kinda stuff. Thanks for the comment. I can't wait to drive it.
  15. jeckle4043

    72' 521Project...GEtting it back on the RoAd

    I just need 1 actually...how much you asking for it? Would ya ship it to me?

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