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    Dats 610 Wagon, 68 Roadster, 69 Roadster
  1. Datsun DCX

    Eagle Rock Datsun Nippon Swap meet and car Show Nov 10 2013

    I may have a 69 or 67.5 Roadster I will let go. 69 has a stroked 1600 and 5 speed and is together. Needs paint and body. 67.5 has a 1600 4-speed, needs engine put back in. Somewhere between $1500-$3000 for each. Let me know if you are interested. higenki.com/roadster 69 SPL311-24557 67.5 SPL311-14850
  2. UPS in So Cal is hosting a Car Show to benefit The United Way. No fee. Donations are accepted. All cars welcome. Get a show in before JCCS. 200 cars expected. Date: Sunday, September 22 Roll-in time: 7 - 10 a.m. Show time: 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Location: UPS Ontario Building, 3480 Jurupa Ave, Ontario, CA 60 FWY Exit Haven, North on Haven, Left on Frances St., first right to show.
  3. Datsun DCX

    Eagle Rock Datsun Nippon Swap meet and car Show 21st July 2013

    Brought a Roadster hood, but were you there? I left it with Jose (organizer.) You can buy it from him.
  4. Datsun DCX

    SoCal Fabrication Hookup?

  5. Datsun DCX

    Wrecking Yard Report

    Are those Roadsters still there? What yard?
  6. Datsun DCX

    Cars and Coffee in Irvine

    Did you see the Isuzu Impulse? Classic.
  7. Datsun DCX

    Cars and Coffee in Irvine

    I was mostly around. Went for a short walk. Must have missed ya. Funny, I was seriously thinking I'd like to end up with a GTR, but after seeing 30 of them in one spot, I instantly changed my mind. I'll stick with old school.
  8. Datsun DCX

    Cars and Coffee in Irvine

    Probably heading down Tomorrow. I'll be there about 7. Driving my 280ZX, "BLUEZIE."
  9. Datsun DCX

    Looking for pics of SR20DET on a 610

    yeah, you could do mine!! LOL Ron
  10. Brad of Alley Cat Garage and Hose Stop hosts an Annual Waffle breakfast at his house in Whittier. Thanks for the Waffles Brad. Link to my pics. http://www.higenki.com/newyear2013 Happy New Year. Big pix may take a bit to load.
  11. Datsun DCX

    There it is! my Wagon!

    i like those tail lights with the amber on top. Are those available there in Europe? I'd like to get a set shipped to the US. Let me know.
  12. Datsun DCX

    73 610 wagon front end rebuild??

    Thanks for the info. I was planning on urethane, but I'll go rubber for the tension rods. I've had the car since sept this year. Wheels in the pic are 15x5.5 with 205/50/15 but I've sold them since. Now has 14x6.5 6-hole slots. This pic is leaving JCCS this year. I met and talked with ZEROW that day. That's the wife driving! I was in my 280ZX Bluezie.
  13. Datsun DCX

    73 610 wagon front end rebuild??

    I'd like to do some work to the front suspension of my 73 610 wagon. Just get it back to stock really. It feels pretty worn. What should be replaced? Are the parts the same as a 510? What are the large (like 3" diameter) bushings that are up front under the engine that attach to the suspension? Thanks,Ron
  14. That's a 1970, per the fender and side marker lights.
  15. Datsun DCX

    Datsun Nippon Eagle Rock swap meet Nov 11 2012 Sunday

    You got lucky on that trumpet. If I had been playing it I could have sold it for double!! Good luck with the new wagon. Jose, thanks for putting this swap/show together. It's a great day every time. Too bad some people have no class. We will be watching closely next time, and they better hope they dont get caught or there might be some vigilante justice....

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