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  1. paradime

    L20B power needs

    Flat or even domed alloy pistons with coated skirts, ground valve pockets and Pro-Seal Rings would get you higher compression Forged crank, racing bearings, H-Beam Rods with ARP2000 Bolts would hold it together Serious porting and seats with BIG race valves 46mm Intake and 38mm Exhaust and a lumpy cam. If you can find an adjustable sprocket, it would more than pay for itself in tuning options Titanium valve spring with Moly Steel Retainers. The L has the intake and exhaust on the same side, so you'll need to design some heat shielding for the injectors. Ceramic coating the header is a good start but you might consider wrapping it as well. I've seen guys use U shaped aluminum with adhesive reflective heat shielding wrapping under each intake port and covering the injector on the sides. If you're going to run this on an ECU I would use LS2 coil packs rather than on plug. Much stronger spark and faster recycle.
  2. paradime

    L20B power needs

    When it comes to torque, "there's no replacement for displacement", but the reason the little L16 stood up to the 2.0L BMW and Alfa Romeo was it kept delivering power for another 2000 RPMs. When you listen to John Mortin's #46 on the long straights running against the European cars with bigger motors, as they were grabbing another gear, the L just kept pulling. I'm a fan of the short stroke high revving driving experience. It's more engaging and satisfying. Unfortunately, like Stofferson said, it's also more expensive to get an L16/18 to do that. Getting an L20b to do it is a whole other can of worms. Balance and springs ante going to get you there. L20s are putting out 200 HP with Webber side drafts, adapt EFI and a stand alone ECU, I'll bet you could beat that. Rebello racing is a great resource for parts and advice. http://www.rebelloracing.com/nissan1.htm Best of luck
  3. paradime

    Moving to Cali.....smog Q's

    And the weakest troll in an administrative role goes too... Mike, as King Rat
  4. paradime

    Moving to Cali.....smog Q's

    Train Wreck. My family has been in Cali for 6 generations and I for 52 years. If you lived here for 20 you should know the state has a very broad classification for old cars. It does not differentiate between classics, vintage, and antique cars. According to California DMV, if the vehicle was manufactured after 1922, and is at least 25 years old, it is classified as a "Historical" Vehicle. Therefore California has never smog tested classic cars, only historic vehicles newer than 1975. No California does not set the national standard for automotive classifications, but if we look for a standard definition of what constitutes a "classic", there is no better authority than CCCA, The Classic Car Club of America. They only consider cars between the years 1915 and 1948 to be classics, and California has never smog tested these cars. Not a LIE, that's a fact. Now, lets define what "shithole" means. It would appear you see it as any place that has conservationist programs designed to protect the environment. I on the other hand see a shithole as a place where you shit. In this instance it would be a futile debate over what state is or isn't, because we're arguing about different things. Look on the bright side though, we may both be right. Although California has taken steps to address air pollution, we still create smog. 😟 I guess it's Okay though, the Eastward Pacific jet stream blows it into our neighboring shithole. 😐🙄🤪🤣
  5. paradime

    Moving to Cali.....smog Q's

    No doubt, California ante what she used to be; full of a bunch of money grubbing vultures now. The tech industry was the death nail in the Cali I knew. People trampled in to make the big money and fucked it up beyond all recognition. Ask any hipster shit making 6 figures right out of college though and they'll tell you it's super neat-o.
  6. paradime

    Moving to Cali.....smog Q's

    Triggered. Turn off your AC and die of heat stroke; sounds like hell. I've driven through AZ many times, and we both know that state is nothing but kitty litter for as far as the eye can see. I've said it before and I'll say it again, the only reason California doesn't slide off into the Pacific is Nevada and Arizona suck so hard. 😘 BTW. Cali has never smogged MCs or classic cars, but they do in People's Republic of Maricopa County? What a shithole.
  7. paradime

    Moving to Cali.....smog Q's

    Nope, it's not a crime, it's a civil violation. Unlike a moving violation though, there is no penalty other than denied registration if the vehicle does not pass smog or the emissions system is visibly altered. Same as Arizona law requiring vehicles pass emissions testing if driven into Tucson or Phoenix areas. So does that mean you live in a shithole too? Welcome to the club.
  8. paradime

    Godzilla, Rebuilding A Monster

    And this whole time I thought you were saying to swap one in the GT-R. 🤪
  9. paradime

    Godzilla, Rebuilding A Monster

    If it fits in a truck that's great, but a Hellfat motor in a GT-R is far from a complete drop in. Nonstarter no matter what the price. We've got less than $15 into our engine build and with 600hp AWD it will be quicker than a hellcat. Even with drag slicks people have been struggling to make the 11.2-second quarter mile time that Dodge has been trumpeting, but here's what a 600hp R32 GT-R can do on street tires.
  10. paradime

    Because Australia.

    Cuz SR20 FTW
  11. paradime

    Godzilla, Rebuilding A Monster

    Oh HELL no 🤮 "Rebuilding A Monster" not castrating it. Our little 2.6L will make 600+hp, redline at 8500 rpm, and sound like the soul of a Samurai warrior having a cosmic orgasm. Top of the line 6.2L LS3 crate engine makes 525hp, redlines at 6600 rpm, and sounds like a fat redneck taking a shit. But I'm not bias or anything... 😜
  12. paradime

    It Happened In California (Big Surprise?)

    Actually that quote is from Mary Schmich's June 1, 1997 column in the Chicago Tribune. It was circulated around the internet with an erroneous claim that it was a commencement address by Kurt Vonnegut, usually at MIT. Eventually the misattribution became a news item and when Vonnegut was contacted by reporters to comment, he told The NY Times, "What she wrote was funny, wise and charming, so I would have been proud had the words been mine."
  13. paradime

    It Happened In California (Big Surprise?)

    Obviously, so why would you take my response so seriously? Fuck You Again From California 🤣

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