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  1. Not saying you aren't a bunch of tough guys just having a laugh, but nobody answered the question. What's pleasurable about it? Seriously
  2. Start by doing some research so you're better prepared to have a constructive conversation. We have no idea what your skills are, what your budget is, what "sideways" means in terms of performance. The only information you've given is somewhere between an A, an LS, and trying to avoid FWD. Coolest thing I've ever seen in a 210 is a Hayabusa. 1300cc 200hp loads of potential, under 200lbs with tranny.
  3. Stupid move, but taking pleasure in seeing them get beat with a pipe,,,, what's that about?
  4. On "what did you do to your dime today" you mentioned you were experiencing a lack of brake power. Did you bleed your brakes yet to see it that fixed it? I can't imagine if they're working right that you'd need or even want a booster. I have a big brake kit on my SR 510 and have never been left wanting more. I wouldn't describe the feel as twitchy, but you need to be ginger on the peddle or they'll lock up without much effort. By a "big m/c" is it a single cylinder or duel? If you're dead set on power assist brakes, Smart Booster and Datsport put the booster on the other side of the firewall.
  5. LOL, Trying to get a piggyback boost controller to play nice with a stock ECU is a bit like playing Clue. It was Mr. Timing in the ignition with a wastegate spring. Glad you got your SR to finally wake up though. A little boost goes a long way. Do you have an O2 sensor with gauge in the car?
  6. paradime


    This^ Speculation will only drive you nuts. Eliminate one thing at a time until it works again.
  7. paradime


    Hot top/cold bottom, sounds like its the thermostat to me. While there, try flushing the entire system to eliminate any question of clogging.
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