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  1. He does own that black metallic R32 Skyline and that yellow & black 510 is my car. His GT-R is in SoCal having some work done right now.
  2. My sister lives in Portland, brother's in Ashland with the 510, and I have no more excuses not to come up for this event. Looks like it's surrounded by businesses, so what are the noise limitations during the day/night? I ask because my brother has a stout QSC DJ sound system we could bring for music movies etc. The full system might be overkill, but could bring 2 12" monitors and an 18" sub that would deliver a rich low volume sound and more than loud enough to get things thumping for a while if so desired. Got my fingers crossed for this to come together.
  3. Truly, I was looking forward to seeing this come together, and then... ☠️
  4. Ho hum JDM import S13 SR20de can be had for $3,400, but it doesn't have the torque you may want for a truck that an S14, S15 SR20DE with VVT, or a KA24 has. Be patient though and consider the intended use for the vehicle. Research is your most valuable investment. Scratch together all the swap parts you can, sell your L20 so you can buy the best engine trans with the lowest milage you can find. Any way you can buck the market dictating the $ you spent for the best option is worth considering. For instance, if you have the ability, rebuilding a late model high milage KA/SR may be the best optio
  5. I never asked you to change your mind Mike, only to examine the answers you have about the other side.
  6. What is so outrageous about the point I'm making? Is it that your side's propaganda is true and the other side's is a lie. Grow up FFS. BOTH SIDES ARE BRAIN FUCKING YOU!!! Get it!
  7. Fear based propaganda and conditioned beliefs from the right Mike. The same fear based propaganda is conditioning the left to see your ideas as a threat. Vids below. You can either have the courage to check the validity of your "answers", or you can "willingly and blindly stick a bit in your mouths and giddy up go horse! Lao Tsu 500 BC "The more answers I have, the less I understand" What answers do you have that keep you from seeing what's right in front of you?
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