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  1. After playing hot potato for a while, we've got the engine back on track. Portland Speed Industries is no longer in business, but Kyle, their lead tech has opened his own shop and has kept all their customers. The OwnerJason is now the head North American rep for Link ECU. The first thing they did was pull the logged data off the Link ECU (kind of a black box feature) to see what the engine was doing, and right up until the failure at 2,700 rpm everything was looked perfect. As soon as the engine started showing a problem the ECU shut the engine down to limp mode and three seconds later it stopped running. So as the engine was pulled by Kyle's shop here's what they found. It was at that point that the hot potato started getting tossed around. Ken wasn't thrashing the car bouncing off the rev limiter. All the plugs other than the #4 looked perfect coffee drown color, so the tune was spot on. Something in the head spontaneously failed and since all the valve train parts were new it came down to the head itself. Either a guide started sticking and the valve got slapped, or a seal fell out. I believe it was the latter because I recall there being a slight issue with the CAS gear not perfectly aligning with the cam. I believe the engine may have overheated as some point and warped the head. Resurfacing would not repair any cam journal alignment issue. If the head got that hot, it could have also damaged the bond of the valve seals to the aluminum head. No fault other than the dickhead who didn't disclose the full history. Just my theory. The engine was sent back to Ray's shop (the builder) and here's what he found. Cam and upper valve train are fine. Lower, not so much.
  2. You didn't say people, you took it upon yourself to speak for "everyone" and I'm telling you I don't think like that. In the context of a conversation about a loon killing Muslim immigrants praying in a mosque, what do you mean by put up with 'this shit' and what would some lunatic be pushing back against? Using this language IMO you clearly defined what you were talking about, and referring to it as shit sounds like you think it's bad to me. Again in the context of this conversation 'what's good for the goose' literally means "they" kill our innocent people, so this loon is justified in killing their innocent people. Justifying this is stupid shit IMO, because I don't believe ISIS represents Islam in the same way the klan doesn't represent Christianity. Both these extremist groups are out there staring up this kind stupid shit.
  3. No one is misquoting you, or misrepresenting your thinking here Mike so again, unlike you ^clearly stated above^, I don't think Muslims are bad, or that killing innocent people has anything to do with justice or revenge.
  4. Dude was an 8chan white nationalist super troll, and anybody quoting Candace Owens then murders a bunch of innocent Muslim immigrants praying in a Mosque calling them "invaders" is exactly how I describe him. This guy has a dark web presence that goes back 2 years under the online name Brenton Tarrant. It literally reads like a build thread for a White Supremacist. CNN, LMFAO Fox News: "During the appearance, the suspect allegedly flashed an “OK” hand gesture during the court appearance. The gesture is seen as a “white power” hate symbol. The suspect’s face is not allowed to be seen in photos due to the country’s strict media laws." Also Fox News: "A man who claimed responsibility for the shootings left a 74-page anti-immigrant manifesto in which he explained who he was and his reasoning for the attack. He said he was a 28-year-old white Australian and a racist." Fox & Friends: "The manifesto seems to indicate this particular crazy, mass-murdering fiend was motivated by the immigration crisis. He said that he is a white nationalist, a 28-year-old Australian white nationalist." Fox New Houston TX: "White supremacist Brenton Tarrant, 28, has been charged with one count of murder in the slayings and a judge said Saturday that it was reasonable to assume more charges would follow."
  5. I have the same dimension rims as Bonzai, but had rubbing because not all rims are designed alike. Yeah, not surprising you had issues on a 14" rim with +25mm offset. Rubbing is usually worse the smaller the rim, but yours are 6.5" wide so that narrows the inner edge by 6.35mm. I have 205/40s on the rear, but by the time the arm extends past the inner lip of the rime, it angles out enough so on a 7" rim there's plenty of room for an 8" wide tire. In my case I have a good 5/8" (15.875mm) space between the arm and wall of the tire. I had to roll the lip, pound out the inner shoulder, and perform a bit of crowbar flaring of the fender to get them in there, but I got it all tucked under the car nice and neat. Good luck on yours, and send photos!
  6. If my quotes had anything to do with accuracy you might have a point, but... The term Social Media has nothing to do with size. You are an administrator for a social media website that has members from around the planet and we all know how much you contribute. You saying "The world can go fuck itself in the eye" is bull shit Mike. That fucktard right wing lunatic in New Zealand thinking by killing innocent Muslims he's fulfilling some just form of "What's good for the goose' 'an eye for an eye' 'tit for tat' 'reciprocity' or ANY other words for revenge is reFUCKINGtarded!!! As retarded as the hate filled right wing fundamentalist Muslim fucktards killing innocent people. Unlike you, I don't think Muslims are bad, or that killing incosbent people has anything to do with justice or revenge. What I fantasize about is my family members serving in the military and Homeland Security exacting real justice on the fucktard perpetrators of this kind of violence.
  7. Hate to break it to you Mike, the forum you're on IS social media. And yes, that's funny. As for the "retarded shit" I was referring to, I direct you to the top of this page. Sad thing is, it's not a witty counter point. It's not even an attempt to be funny, just straight up ugly shit no matter what fucked up principle you apply to it. So VFR, by ducking behind a yank, are you saying we're hypocrites for being disgusted, or are we just missing something?
  8. Settle down rain man, sometimes comedians use parabolic humor to say things that are meant to be seen as ironic. For example, like a man who has 76,256 posts in an online forum saying "I will never have an account or a phone. The world can go fuck itself in the eye."
  9. I heard on Ratsun that someone on youtube reported facebook was down and Canada's Rat diplomat reported it's because everyone on the planet wants to see 48 Muslims executed by a white nationalist in New Zealand. And they call this retarded shit the age of information... Bout shit myself laughing
  10. I understand the sense of badass accomplishment in turboing an A series, but what you have is not how it's done. Mike's pressure cooker solution has merat, but throwing time and money at the setup you have is just putting lipstick on a pig. I've seen guys use an injector plate spacer between the carb and intake mani then use the carb as strictly a throttle body with all the ventures plugged. You still need a way to control the appropriate air fuel mixture and managing induction charge though, ie boost control, blow off, throttle position, RPM, mass air flow, and exhaust 02. There are kits out there, but would need serious modification for an A. That's when you consider a VW Jetta RWD 1.8L turbo.
  11. paradime

    How do you call it ?

    Do a search for "Lace Up Steering Wheel Cover." You'll find what you're looking for. Superior 58-0550Y Sport Grip Steering Wheel Cover $16
  12. My 13 year old daughter is totally into Billy Eilish, so its always playing in the car, at home, etc. A year ago she was all about Sia and the 12 year old dancer on some of her vids. Since she was 11, Eilish has written or co-written her own music with her brother (3 years older), and he produces all her music. Seriously talented. Must have heard these songs a thousand times.
  13. Thanks D, Interesting glitch. On my computer the link I posted is was still working. Recheck and now it's toast.
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