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    I work on my car, bike and work on my car some more!
  1. 510Survivor

    Parting out 78' 810 wagon

    how much for the grill shipped to everett wa 98203
  2. 510Survivor

    Free beat up hood and grille for an '82 210

    How much for the grill shipped to Everett Washington 98203
  3. 510Survivor

    1968-73 fiberglass 510 parts

    Im interested in a trunk forsure. If you still have any left?
  4. 510Survivor

    510 parts for sale.

    I need a ka24 or a sr20 or a hood and some doors a trunk fender.
  5. ill buy the motor forsure message me please.
  6. 510Survivor

    L16 motor and auto trans

    motor was pulled today 7/30/12 its not all there but great for parts or if you need a block i have the motor, heads, and a box full of parts for the motor. ask me if i have a part and shoot me a offer and ill ship it to you for the right price. or come buy it all!! http://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/cto/3173892949.html
  7. 510Survivor

    wts windows for 69-73the 510 goon..

    I'll give you 50 bucks for the front windshield!
  8. How much for all 3 doors?
  9. 510Survivor

    Datsun Grilles ( SH )

    I'll give you 65 for one
  10. 510Survivor

    Datsun Grilles ( SH )

    I want a c110 grill but I'll give you 65 f
  11. 510Survivor

    510 parts for sale.

    How much for the clean grill!
  12. 510Survivor

    69 510 4 Door Last Parts For Sale

    How much for the 510 emblem shipped to Everett Washington ? I really want it.
  13. 510Survivor

    Gauge cluster

    Will someone sell me a manual gauge cluster that has a rpm tach?
  14. 510Survivor

    Disc Brackets for 71 510

    Can anyone sell me brackets for a 200sx brake conversion?
  15. 510Survivor

    Very rare 72 510

    keep it money is a dime a dozen everyone can get money not everyone can get a datsun with 70 miles on it thats badd ass

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