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  1. Any vendors bringing replacement panels? I'm in the market for a tail light panel, both trunk gutters, and two clean front fenders for my 73 Datsun 510.
  2. Post pics of some of the stuff you guys are bringing so I can bring enough cash accordingly. I'm only interested in '73 510 stuff.
  3. I need a gas lid in great condition for a 73 Datsun 510.
  4. choleaoum

    Custom widebody / fender flare?

    Yeah I've been reading them, I'll start my own build thread soon. I'll order the front fenders tonight. I don't think the rears are aggressive enough for me to use. Unless I misread, it actually looks like the same thing! The rears would only save me money.
  5. choleaoum

    Custom widebody / fender flare?

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Set-of-2-Fenders-Front-Quarter-Panels-Left-Right-Side-VW-LH-RH-Rabbit-Pair-/350921482804?hash=item51b48ce234:g:3CoAAOSwoudW-4Rb&vxp=mtr The flares don't seem as wild as it looks in the build threads. These appear to be the correct ones unless the description is wrong.
  6. choleaoum

    Custom widebody / fender flare?

    Thanks guys, sorry for my lack of google skills. It's been quite a long day for me. I had no issues finding the rears, it's the front arch I'm having issues finding.
  7. choleaoum

    Custom widebody / fender flare?

    Omg, thanks for that video. It's exactly what I was looking for! Hmm, would these be alright? http://www.ebay.com/itm/1993-1998-VW-Golf-Mk3-Wheel-Arch-Fender-Flares-Molding-Trim-Spoiler-Wings-SET-/291263656437?hash=item43d0aab1f5:g:huUAAOxyXDhSgkbp&vxp=mtr I can't seem the find the righto nes.
  8. Hello, I'm interested in seeing some DIY'ers custom widebody / fender flares. I'm going to attempt a mild fender flare on my '73 Datsun 510 using sheet metal. Hoping to see post of some other peoples work for ideas and advice. Stay on topic please, sure I can pay a professional hundreds of dollars to do it for me but there's no fun in that. I would like to do it myself and learn in the process. I can't use the original arch anymore, my quarter panel was cut out for ZG flares.
  9. choleaoum

    How to wire a KA, CA, SR, and VG into anything

    Not to bump a old topic but his CAN/AM box was the best purchase I made. I literally, reach him throughout any time of the day lol and I can ask questions. Took me only 10 minutes to wire this thing up with the box. It cleans up the mess of having fuses and relays and eliminates the use of other connectors that can easily be overlooked. It also has the light to let you know if a fuse is blown, bad connection, etc. This helped me eliminate so many wires, and connections and shaved tons of time. Sure you can go make your own seperate relay harness and fuse it and etc but is it really worth the time & effort to make it clean, tucking all the wires, securing the connections, troubleshooting bad connections, and etc. It's much easier for me to just spend the couple bucks for the CAN/AM box, and 10 wires later my car is running. He does not hesitate to respond to my text msgs, I literally bug him for every little question I have and he's been nothing but patient with me.
  10. choleaoum

    Time to play, what wire is this?

    ^ I'll look when I get the chance tommarow morning, the car is at my friends house right now getting its crossmember fabricated.
  11. choleaoum

    Time to play, what wire is this?

    The car has a SR20 swap, but I haven't modified the wires yet. The car is automatic, and it came with AC, and it is a 1973. I have not tested the lights, I'm in the process of narrowing down the wires and labeling them. Going to make a better headlight relay and then tuck everything.
  12. choleaoum

    Time to play, what wire is this?

    It's located by the passenger side headlight. Two black/yellow wires, and two blue/green(if i remember correctly) wires coming out of it. It's not the voltage regulator, and it's not the electronic choke. This is a stock 510 harness for a '73 Datsun 510.
  13. choleaoum

    "Datsunami" 510 SR23DET S14 Build.... SR-TITTY-THREE!

    Hey what tire size were you running on the 15x8 Impuls if you don't mind me asking?
  14. choleaoum

    Eagle Rock Datsun Nippon Swap meet and car Show 21st July 2013

    its a tradition, someone crashes showing off every event.

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