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  1. Not shure if this will link up but........thought i'd try.https://sfbay.craigslist.org/nby/pts/d/santa-rosa-rare-1967-datsun-411-sss/7135414822.html
  2. Time Left: 11 days and 1 hour

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    You could of seen a grown man cry, help me out and make me smile again. I broke mine after moving it to a safer place. Ouch is putting it mildly, and a guy has to try to find a replacement bowl. I'll start collecting shot glasses soon, the next trip to the goodwill will not be the same. thanks for any leads you have,be safe Grant.


  3. Greg, I'm 100% impressed with your project and progress so far, I'll send some pictures via e-mail, happy hunting Grant.
  4. I believe I sent you a message, let me know if I didn't, thx.
  5. Fishorgolf

    Race Video

    Thought I'd share this video, maybe it's all over the web but it didn't have many views, and not shure why.
  6. This car is coming up for sale soon as a best offer sale, the car is in Portland Oregon, if you have questions PM me and we'll talk more thanks Grant.
  7. Just a walk around and motor run, thanks for looking.
  8. Those pants remind me of Yoga,,,,,,,,,, but that ass reminds me of McDonald's
  9. 1967 WRL 411 SSS Brake shoes and rear wheel cylinder rebuild kits from Rock Auto, Yes order or NO I ordered and returned my wrl 411 1600 water pump from Rock Auto after it didn't fit Da. I also pulled the gen/alt to have it rebuilt and had the radiator dipped and pressure checked at the same time. I sent my original water pump to a local rebuild shop I thought had gone out of business after the owner passed away. His son took on the job that took him about 10 + weeks, I felt for him and didn't pressure him. After putting everything back together and with the help of a battery charger the li car started right up. My newest problem was right before I started the car the brake pedal went to the floor. Seems the right rear wheel cylinder is leaking and needs rebuilt , thanks Grant
  10. Had a good time, I didn't need a water pump then but I could use one now. See you all next year or before .
  11. 66 wrl 411 craigslist Portland ( 2 days ago )
  12. What if you had a 3D printer copy, of the radio delete plate ? Mine sits in the garage and tell you the truth I'd be a little nervous shipping it to someone I don't know.
  13. Mine is on the road, but I don't drive it every day intell the weather get better. Count me as #2 from Portland Oregon.
  14. Well its a shamless plug for the video my kid made, his channnel can use the views. I know he likes the input even if its just a thunb up or down, thanks .http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=meb3m4AVTFI
  15. I think this will open to more pictures or maybe click on it to view other shots ? http://i1155.photobucket.com/albums/p545/fishorgolf/DSC00187.jpg
  16. All caused from to much down force atempting wheel stands on my Sunday only drives, as I leave church.
  17. So I wanted to share some photos hear and on a few other forms, I downloaded them to Photobucket whitch they all seemed to copy over fine. I kinda know my way around in there and their helpful hints aren't like talking to real people. Only some pictures will let me copy them and forward them to Ratsun, Five pictures I want to to send over but only one will ship over, any advice is helpful thanks. Grant
  18. Bought my car years ago, raced it up a bit, and we lost track over the years. Anyony know Mike, Mike Verhouse you a Ratsuner...... Grant
  19. FISH OR GOLF yep and yep Post pictures Nope
  20. Talk about off topic,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,If my wife didn't have so much shit, I'd have more room for my stuff. I didn't take one picture of my car but would like to see a few if you did thanks.
  21. Nice work thanks...................I enjoyed talking to everyone, I knew no one , and only a few seemed more strangerer ( yes ) strangerer than I thought they would of been after we talked, O and thanks for your votes.
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