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  1. I'm looking to replace the steering wheel and can't find a hub that easy so I was just going to get a 240sx hub. Would that work?
  2. Not really familiar with the heater problems. Anyway when the switch is on or off it doesnt come on at all. i have replaced the blower motor and still nothing. resistor has been changed and nothing. Anything that I might need to know?
  3. I recently hit another car and just need a fender, and i want one that is going to match the rest of the truck. i picked one up from pick n pull and it has a rust hole and i dont want to deal with rust. if someone has one that they arent going to use with no rust and good paint i will take it off your hands.
  4. How much were the spacers that made it 5 lug and what would the bolt pattern be?
  5. How would you know what center console you would need by the lengths. Cause as of right now it has the stock bench seat. Looking to get buckets and I want a center console for it.
  6. Livengood13

    anyone know?

    I am trying to find a center console for my 85 nissan 720 that has the tan interior. as it sits right now it does not have one. does anyone know if it will just bolt right in without any mods to the dash?
  7. I am going to be picking up a 80's Datsun Pickup and one thing i i am wondering about is does it have LSD? Anybody help me with this?
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