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  1. rpowell25

    Speedhut tach Size

    On my VG I get it off of the ECU. Get a pin layout for your ECU and it will be there. Edit: Try this http://community.ratsun.net/topic/30734-s13-sr20det-wiring/?p=459486
  2. Figbuck, those wine racks are very nice!
  3. rpowell25

    Speedhut tach Size

    3-3/8 in
  4. rpowell25

    510 hood differences?

    This may be why my hood has been a bitch to mount. I bought the hood a couple years ago and didn't think to ask what year it came off of. I do not have cowl issues but the latch does not line up at all ... had to slot the crap out of it to get it to latch:
  5. Sorry, don't have much info for you but I have a pic of the loop:
  6. rpowell25

    SU indentity

    Yeah, its linkage,carb,bowl, bowl. carb, linkage.
  7. rpowell25

    SU indentity

    Here is my '70 2000 Roadster:
  8. rpowell25

    Topher's 72 SR 510

    Looks good!
  9. rpowell25

    Firewall to rad. Support

    I show 29.5 inches.
  10. rpowell25

    '72 510 4dr Project

    I have gotten a few inquiries as to how I mounted my Speedhut gauges. Here is a quick and dirty synopsis. I haven't mounted my gas gauge yet so can't help much there but here are the speedo and tach: I cut a hole out of the metal mounting plate behind the OE speedo for wire and GPS cable access. Also cut out a hole in an OE tach housing for wires. Modified the inside of the tach housing by removing the 3 light ports to make it essentially hollow: I epoxied the mounting collar for the speedo to the back of the main bezel. I had screwed the collar all the way to the new speed bezel which leaves a little sticking out the front I did the same for the new tach. I then screwed the new tach w/bezel on the assembly using the OE screws that were used to mount the bezel and clear cover.
  11. Komeuppance That racing seat is magnificent! I may steal that idea. Good job!
  12. thisismatt..that beam work is very nice! I have few projects to share
  13. I am not sure the lower part has mounts...mine doesn't. It just slips down under the seat back and rests on the lip that is on the front of the platform the seat bottom rests on. The seat bottom metal spring has a molded indentation for that lip. It's that lip that keeps it in place along with the weight of the passenger(s). Lip/Rail: Molded Bottom: Under the Seat Back:
  14. rpowell25

    Anybody here with a functional ebrake?

    Sentra e-brake handle and cables. Modified the cable ends to connect up to the Maxima calipers and used the existing cable bracket but mounted it in an interesting spot:
  15. rpowell25

    '72 510 4dr Project

    Eric, the hood cut for the supercharger has already been fit (and if you remember it has the hole already) so it just needs paint. Draker, I believe I got it from someone on EBay if I remember...NOS and it cost me a pretty penny. Ranman, I did see Boatys install and I am awaiting the gauge from Speedhut. I am going to try to do the same.

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