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  1. I need a pedal assembly. Who wants to sell one?
  2. It is amazing how slow everything is on an island... Every time I need something, it means order it and wait for it. Time for beach!
  3. My Hitachi carb adjustment story was much less fun than my Weber 38/38 swap. It is the first thing to go on a stock L-series
  4. Looks like you dealt with some rust on that rail below the doors. Any advise from one who has done, to one who is doing.
  5. Me any my wife fell in love re-building this ride, now it's our first born. She (The Goon) is in the midst of some plastic surgery and mechanical enhancements. Her name is Ruby.
  6. Speaking of which, anyone know if I need the flywheel / clutch from the engine or the transmission? Or do I have some freedom? Well I figure I'll read up on this and feel it out. I've gotta go shop for some 6-ton jackstands (for height). I just bought a new 7HP 60 gallon compressor (used). So now I can grind, sand, prime and paint and sand again and polish like a boss!
  7. This is mine! And I could get that short shaft next to it and couple them. He even has one without the black soot all over it. What a find in sleepy hilo. Thanks Randy. I think I will keep the long tail, get a modified shaft, and have my shifter farther back. I like the idea of being able to shift with the seat all the way back. That is how I need to sit to have my knees fit. These came with it, should I use them? or get new?
  8. KyushaKai, I'm in Hilo, so that would be tough to meet up, but we may still be able to help each other out. Shipping between island is easier, and if you are like me you keep all of your spare parts. I've got every ounce of stock from my car sitting. Hell I even bought new door skins before I installed speakers so I didn't mess up my door skins if I ever wanted to take them out. I have tons of family on Oahu and I go there all the time so I may see you round. It looks like, according to Mr. Boad, that the shaft youve got will actually fall a bit short. And I am not interested in putting undue stress on the joints or bearings. I've read that it is not a big issue, but it seems like a bad idea in principle. I hope I don't have to trust a local shop to get this right. KyushaKai, whats your goon up to these days? Pics?
  9. Carter! Look at those beauties. Never before has any shaft gotten me so excited. Can I buy that 43 11/16" off of you? We can mail it book rate. HA! Seems like yesterday you were bailing me out off the side of the road with a spare belt. But its been many years.
  10. Okay I started out looking at my options for a transmission. My auto quit on me and I figured I wasn't the first one to grow a distaste for only having three speeds. It was only after several nights of reading threads of other peoples builds that I was inspired to document and share my experiences. When I got her: Stock everything L16 with Hitachi Carb 3-speed column shift automatic red Where I am now: L20B shaved .02 Flat top pistons Performance crank Complete re-build of engine in 2010 Sounds New Paint (stock red) I've been hunting for a transmission for this baby and I was hoping to find a short 5 speed. The Dogleg was of interest to me because I the truck I drive gets off the line better in second than first. So I am accustomed to starting off bottom left on the shift pattern. But I had a major hurtle in my face: I live in Hawaii. There are many advantages to living in a truly beautiful, eternal summer, but finding rare car parts is not one of them. Neither is the joy of shipping expenses. So I searched every junkyard I could find, and came upon some 720 5-speeds, all mid 80's nap-z motors. Heard about some 280z's, but they were all long tail-shafts and would require shortening my drive-shaft. Not ideal, but beggars can't be choosers. I had read that a sedan driveshaft would fit if I could dig one of those up somewhere. In the end I found a long 5-speed sitting in a guys shop in unknown condition. It turned in all 5 gears + R, and seemed to be in okay shape. I gave him $400 for the tranny, the clutch, the flywheel, the shifter, the fork with new boot, and the throwout bearing. Dont beat me up too bad about the price. Money is worth less in Hawaii. Really. I'm exploring my options for this transmission... Should I tear it down to see what I really have before installing it? I'm guessing there are some issues that I may only find by opening her up and looking. Should I install this transmission as is and modify my drive-shaft? The big factor that will play in will be the shifter location. Does anyone have experience with the shifter location in a 510 wagon with a long tail ~30" transmission? I am 6' tall and don't have the longest arms. Does anyone have complaints about the stock location of the shifter in a 510 wagon? One option to achieve the stock shifter location, would be to take the tail off of a mid 80's 720 stubby transmission and slide it into my L-series bell housing. Amazing thread here on Ratsun.net on this topic. http://community.rat...ild#entry608355 Getting this transmission set up to install will be step one, but before I put this in, I'm gonna have some fun with bodywork. She needs few rust problems below the doors taken care of, and likely new paint. I don't think my last $1500 paint job has much life left. Ratsun, I turn this thread to you. Inspire.
  11. Your friend has the rare opportunity to buy a five speed goon, and swap in an auto 3speed! He may be the first, or she?
  12. Your friend has the rare opportunity to buy a five speed goon, and swap in an auto 3speed! He may be the first, or she?
  13. Thank you for documenting. I was already inspired to build, but now I'm inspired to document.
  14. I'm thinking that will be where I end up. I do enjoy the dogleg layout. But that is not a detail to get caught up on. I've already spent a couple of weeks fishing for that elusive 63a. I guess I'm going to get over it, and start hunting for that sedan drive shaft / z trans. And call Carter Boad for his trans mount bracket.
  15. I've received some valuable advice from a couple of guys here already, but it seems we all get value out of reading about others journeys. 71 510 wagon, L20b, flat-top pistons, performance crank, weber 38/38 outlaw, electric dizzy, and now it is time to put more love into this project. For instance, I need a 5 speed. Screaming down the highway at 40mph with my 3speed auto is getting old (expensive). So the 5 speed options are: the dogleg 5 stubby tail, which will mate up with my L20b and driveshaft, The Z 5 speed that will require a modified drive shaft, The Borg Warner 5 ( or is this the same as above) also needing a short drive shaft. With my engine specs, will I overpower the 63a dogleg? Also, I'm considering changing the brakes to disc, would I want to change out the entire rear end while I'm under there? Diff, axle, suspension from another ride? Those leaf springs are really great and all, but... Now it's time for you guys to get opinionated. What work should I be considering while I'm at it?
  16. Thanks for the advise. I've been having a hard time deciding between those two options. My priorities are fun to drive and reliability. How to these compare on those levels. I'm mating to a L20b. And will either require welding/cutting.
  17. I need a 5-speed dogleg transmission to mate with my l20b. Please help me find one. I'd also go for the slave and master cylinders, if they are available. Converting my 510 goon.
  18. I basically need all of the tranny components. Are you keeping the cylinders and pedal assemblies and shifter?
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