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  1. You guys are aware that Trump negotiated the marvelous pull out right? Or does that not register? This landmine was strategic. But against us, not them. Biden had a choice of honoring a US commitment, or escalating the unpopular war significantly to regain ground lost when Trump started pulling troops. This didn’t go well, but I’m not neglecting the source of the decision.
  2. Kids. I’ve got kids who can’t get vaxxed. One has a compromised immune system. So the sick do pose a risk to folks who have no choice. that said, I’ll never support forcing an injection on anyone. That’s a freedom I respect. viral load matters a lot though. So the sick vaxxed, if they show less symptoms as a result of the vaccine are less risk. For this reason, I support masks. It’s really the unimpassioned result of logical thinking. Well, that or literal isolation. I do believe the end will come as a result of viral mutation. Eventually a less deadly version will prevail and we will simply accept it. or maybe it gets more deadly and more Datsuns go up for sale.
  3. Time Left: 11 days and 14 hours

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    I’ve got a friend who needs everything from the transmission to the knob. Let me know a price. Doesn’t need to be perfect. Can restore. Thx.


  4. Yup. I threatened to sue em so they gave me mine back. Not sure what I should do with it though. It seems kinda worthless.
  5. Wow. Remember how much commentary there was regarding Democrats obsession with Trump hate? this is a whole ‘nother level of obsession.
  6. Wow... He does know that this isn't a courtroom right? Is he speaking of due process, as in the due process afforded in the justice department? Does he know where he is? And impeachment long after their term? As evidenced here? He was impeached in office. The entire defense here is that Trump deserves to be impeached but it would be really bad because Trumpers will be butt hurt and that is bad for the country... Oh and that the trial is unconstitutional, which I've not yet heard a single good argument to defend this. Yet I see adequate language in support of it. As well, a very sound argument for precedent. If a former president cant be tried in senate, whats to stop a president from simply resigning as soon as he is caught committing espionage, or worse. Or simply going on a crime spree in the last week of his or her term. The impeachment process was not simply to remove a president. It was to grant the two chambers of legislature adequate power to remove, prosecute, and bar from future service any elected official who is deemed a threat to the security of our union. We are obligated to hold accountable a president who attempts to preemt the electorate process. And with regards to awaiting an investigation, lame try. Do you thing the dozens who are already charged with federal crimes in that protest will be granted a pause for the investigation to conclude? no. They were arrested, and similar to Trumps situation, there is adequate information for a conviction. He's not beholden to the ideals that make and made this country. Yes, the Left has wanted him out for four years. Thats not simply partisan as you didn't see that with past presidents. This was anti Trump. Not anti Republican. Thus not partisan in nature. We simply were soured on the thought of being the global embarrassment that we were during his term.
  7. We should all have known this would mutate and render the vaccine ineffective if the virus was given adequate opportunity to do so. We did have an opportunity to keep the spread down, but Humans fucking failed hard. There are almost as many people in the USA who think this is some hair-brained scheme to control people... Or that masks are somehow a bad idea. History has taught us all that we needed to handle this, but the pupil wasn't receptive. So yes. Many will die. More importantly, we will continue to be plagued with businesses, and research re-directed at full time CoVid occupation instead of developing new technologies, and cleaner industry. We will continue to spend money we don't have being forced to borrow money (stimulus) at insulting interest rates. Our taxes will be covering this debt well beyond our grandchildren's professional lives. We fucked generations of humans. All because we couldn't isolate and follow protocol. The gravity of this time will only be understood by future scholars. And they will not have good things to say about the USA. Mike, if you watch a shopping cart go free in a parking lot and roll all the way across the parking lot for 30 seconds straight at you sitting in your car and you are sitting there unbuckled, fully able to stop the cart. Do you stop the fucking cart because you can? Or do you just let it happen and then blame the person who didn't secure the cart when they parked it? Did China (Government) release it? Did it simply originate in China? Did it get stoled from the US and accidentally get released? There is not clear answer to this. But do you sit and let it happen? No. And if you do, guess who's fault it is now. We were informed. We were capable. We were told what we needed to do. We failed to act. We need to be accountable for our actions. Directing blame at a country will achieve absolutely zero. Learning from our mistakes and getting over ourselves is the only way to grow in the wake of this travesty. By this time next year we will have likely a few dozen significant strains and this will be impossible to vaccinate against unless we figure it out. But eradication, while once a very real possibility, is no longer a reality.
  8. I rode the Tesla train from when it was $50, but never got into Gamestop
  9. My island has 50MW of geo. It’s a great resource, but culturally an issue. So that will need to be approached carefully with better news. Currently we are on a path to 100% renewable in a few years, so geo will be a bonus Down the road
  10. Me too. Amongst several other grid level programs that are yet to come.
  11. We broke ground on a fairly large (25 megawatts) hydro storage generation project. Pumps water to a reservoir uphill during the day (utilizing surplus solar production). As well as wind power. Then can dispatch hydro generation on demand (typically evenings at peak demand). This relieves the grid of demand/generation imbalances, as well as stores emergency power and water. This puts the islands generation at well over 50% renewable, and will reduce renewable curtailment to 0!! Fuck yes. Oil is far too valuable to just burn for home lighting and industry. Far better ways. Save oil for medical and scientific application. And Datsuns
  12. Correct. But that’s not how the union/nation began. Nor did the framers who maintained a divide between church and state write it as such. Originally it was "I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." only in the mid 1950’s did they inject “under god” into the pledge.
  13. A sound moral compass is only effective with opposing poles.
  14. Always two sides. but there is also such a thing as objective truth. I’ll not say either has access to the objective truth to something as grand as a national election though. Who won the election is objective fact though. And it wasn’t stolen by definition. But there were surely fraudulent voters. There always are. I’m interested to see what they uncover. If they simply don’t investigate their claims, I’ll have absolutely no respect for them. That’s admission of BS. Dominion is standing up for themselves. If they flipped votes, I doubt they’d be pushing further. I doubt Biden will be a great president, but he sure as fuck will have an easy time looking good after that trainwreck. And no. Not to Trumpers. They hate him and think he’s a communist. But to the rest of the world. I hope to regain some of the respect we built for 240 years and lost in 4.
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