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  1. http://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/cto/3942529648.html
  2. Cleaned up and ready to go! http://i1073.photobucket.com/albums/w400/aaronburdett/001_zpseeb9ee7f.jpg
  3. So for a disc brake ball joint truck can you either use hardbody spindles or beebanis brackets up front or both? Thanks
  4. If it's a disc brake, ball joint truck do you really need HB spindles? or can you just swap rotors and calipers?
  5. 620Aaron

    Fender mirrors!

    ^^^ They're generic aftermarket mirrors found at most parts stores. Mine were $10 a piece at Baxter.
  6. 620Aaron

    Red Door Meet

    I think I'll try to go this weekend if any other west Portland guys want to head over.
  7. usually Red Robin, actually in front of Starbucks on canyon between Hall and 217
  8. 620Aaron

    My First Truck!

    Spotted Jacob over in my neighborhood too today, I think he saw me wave but it was a little late
  9. 620Aaron

    My First Truck!

    So the bushing was shot on the carrier bearing but I didnt want to spend $200 on a one piece driveline so.... Pulled it out a couple weeks ago and took it down to Six States on Columbia and they found a new carrier bearing that works and and is basically the same and put it on. All together $90 so far so good
  10. damn... if only i could talk my parents into it
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