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    63 nl320 + a few more
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    i build and paint custom cars and trucks

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    Looking for the 312 windshield trim as shown in picture. The stainless or chrome trim that goes in the rubber.


  2. Everyone ive seen pics of are concave as well .. eas just curious, thanks
  3. Is the floor shift column surround ( plastic piece behind signal switch ) in the floor shift models still indented for the column shift or is it all round? I found a floor shift gauge cluster and would like to clean up the column if something is available or will work to rid of the indent ... thanks, chris
  4. looking for a pair of datsun 320 wiper arms , metal blades would be a plus ,, thanks , chris
  5. i really only need the horn ring from an early datsun wheel ( the one with the small 'd' in center and half chrome ring , but will purchase the whole wheel if needed , thanks , chris
  6. Looking for datsun 312 horn ring ( has small "d" in round horn button and half chrome ring ) I really only need the ring as I have a horn button ..will by the whole wheel if needed
  7. That Is what I need.. Wish I could find one, may have to make one
  8. The one im looking for has a 4 bolt pattern .. the side bolt holes are aprox 3/8" thick .. the top and bottom holes and area where master cylinder goes in are about twice as thick or aprox. 3/4 " maybe thicker ... best I can describe it
  9. im looking for the diamond booster spacer for a b210 ... that goes between the master cylinder and booster .. outer sides about 3/8" thick , middle about twice that ... i have paypal , let me know ... thanks , Chris
  10. ok , so i found out i need the spacer from a b210 , not a 620 ,, sorry
  11. LOL jon , i just got the golf ball thing .. if you meant workin for don , no .. been doing the billy bob customs thing full time for a while now
  12. hey dave .. whos orange 620 ? pretty cool .. ill figure it out , didnt know you needed a photo bucket , ill set one up
  13. they are exposed lugs ,, they have a custom bullet cap and bullet lug nuts .. ill try to get some pics up this week
  14. i dont know how to post pics on here to start a build thread ...
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