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  1. At the LKQ in Sun Valley. 1980 hatchback 210. This one has a/c. At the LKQ in Anaheim. 1980 sedan 210. Totally picked of all the lights before I could get there and grab them 😡
  2. Stanley’s still in the shop so I won’t be taking him. Dangit! I may drive out there and check it out anyway if nothing comes up. I never knew about this museum.
  3. Unfortunately I won't. Those yards are too far away for me. Maybe someone in those areas would be willing.
  4. Just got a little info on this. Vote has been pushed to January 2020. Apparently there isn't a lot of support for it (no surprise). And now I'm thinking IT'S ON! Start writing the fools in the assembly and actually go to Sacramento and tell them to pass that shit. Somebody take lots of pictures at JCCS. I won't be there this year.
  5. Saw this on Hollywood Blvd Saturday while heading over to Musso an Frank.
  6. How have I never heard of this? Anyone ever been?
  7. Awww, love him. RIP Dennis Farina.
  8. I'm not hopeful. It's been brought up over the last few years and keeps getting shot down. It would be nice though.
  9. 210 in Chula Vista West LKQ on the lot as of 9/2. 210 in Oceanside LKQ on the lot as of 8/30
  10. Probably a good thing I decided not to go this year. Stanley is being an asshole about passing smog. So sick of smogging 😑
  11. Finally, after months of famine, there's a 210 at the LKQ in Sun Valley. It's an '82 hatchback. Has air conditioning. Body was in pretty good shape. Door panels were good. Window cranks were gone. I took the steering column cover, 1/4 window latches, driver's side mirror, glovebox and the two pieces that go underneath to cover the a/c.
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