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  1. Saw these at Bob's Big Boy in Burbank Volkswagen Thing Must've been a Triumph club there. Saw a few of them. They're cute.
  2. I have had the pleasure of never seeing one. Damn, that thing is ugly!
  3. I saw one on the freeway the other day. That thing is fugly top, bottom, front, back and side to side.
  4. Not sure if I’m going to this one. I may sit this one out.
  5. What in the what?! I've never seen one of those. That looks ridiculous.
  6. That car is just hideous. The grille! Bleck!
  7. Just seeing this. Is it the front of the lid "door" that falls off or the entire thing? The plastic "hinge" generally tears apart after a while. At least it happened to mine. I had bought some little cabinet door type hinges and put on mine at one point before I found another. If it's just the face part of the glovebox door I've never taken one apart but I've seen a diagram and maybe you can glue it back together. If you're seeing this can you send a pic of what it looks like broken?
  8. Did anyone post these? Edsel Corsair Plymouth Prowler
  9. A rare sighting today, the Nissan PAO.
  10. '79 210 in Oceanside. On the lot 6/5. Appears to have been hit coming and going. I wish Oceanside wasn't so far away. I'd like to get a look at those quarter panel emblems. They're probably long gone already.
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