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  1. And I am lucky to have Stanley as a car. Pretty sure he’ll out live me. Cars now just have no character. They all look alike and a lot of them have massive blind spots. Can’t see shit out of any of the windows.
  2. It did have round headlights and I generally associate that with 70s and earlier since it seems square eyes are an 80s thing. I don’t know anything about 610s. You’d know better than I would. I just know 210s 😁
  3. The LKQ in monrovia has a 1974 610. It's incorrectly listed as a B210 so for all I know the year might be wrong too. It was on the lot as of yesterday.
  4. I found this video. It has good info if you can get paste the voice. I can't stop laughing long enough to watch the whole thing.
  5. Saw this Lincoln Continental at the gas station the other day
  6. Hey kids, I have a question about cleaning up the moulding around the front and back windshields and the haze that seems to have turned up around the windshield edges. I came really close to having brand new moulding for the back but the warehouse said it was damaged. Dang it! The windshield moulding and glass at this point is now the ugliest thing on the car. I need detailing tips. Please share the wisdom. You think it’s possible to have the moulding chromed or is that a bad idea cause lord knows what might happen to it? I’m thinking about chroming the bumpers. Share the knowledge!
  7. Sorry I missed you. We were back and forth a lot. Looking at cars, eating, hanging with Stanley. It was a good day. Lots of people coming in with a Datsun story.
  8. 1953 Kaiser deLuxe 1953 Bosley 1971 Cuda
  9. 1970 Pro-Touring Toyota Crown 1972 Toyota Sprinter Trueno 1940 Dodge Businessman Coupe Kustom 1961 Austin Healey Mark I Sprite (Bugeye)
  10. Stanley's debut at the Classic Auto Show. He didn't win anything but he got a lot of love. Nissan Patrol Datsun 1600 Pickup Adam Carolla's Datsun 510 Riviera Disco Pinto Forest Lawn was a vendor I want this one. 1930 Cadillac V16 Roadster Convertible. Model T Thunderbird 1984 Zimmer Golden Spirit
  11. Unhook that shit and drive down in the truck then head back 🙂
  12. You not getting old. Those wheels are hideous.
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