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  1. There is a nice lookin '70 210 at the LKQ in Oceanside. Doesn't appear to be anything wrong with the body and the dash bits look good too from the pics posted. If you're close to the area you should check it out. Too far for me to bother. I wouldn't take anything but the glovebox. https://www.lkqpickyourpart.com/locations/LKQ_Pick_Your_Part_-_Oceanside-286/recents/
  2. I'm going to repurpose some of the parts that were on the car. The taillights I'll use as the rear side markers (I have to cut off the pin that pushed into the car), I'll figure something out with those wipers cause they're on the opposite side but they're so small no one will notice if I turn them around and the fender mirror which I need to make a base for. Already made the teeny tiny door handles. I had ordered two of these cars in case I messed up. The second one finally showed up. The guy I bought it from on ebay put the wrong address on the package so it kept getting routed all over the place. Thank goodness there was a tracking number so I was able to have the post office update the address. I'll try and pull the wheels off of it and see how easy it is or isn't. I was going to buy one of the VW Golf cars as they have the type of rims with wheel caps that look closer to mine. Jury is still out. I may just fake it with the decal paper.
  3. I used JB Weld to plug up the tiny holes left after I took out the fender mirrors, door handles and windshield wipers. That stuff works quick! You gotta be fast with it especially at a small amount. Good stuff! I'm still grinding away on the front end.
  4. My test pieces worked. They weren't that pretty but I wasn't going for perfection. I wanted to see how well the mould would come out. I left this project for a bit while I tried to work some things out and figure out better ways of doing things to this. I was also collecting paint, primer, decal paper and other materials needed for this which I will show later. I've also been testing different clays. I had to go for a harder one so I'm trying that out now. I may have to do this in wax but I'm trying not to if I can. Meanwhile I'm back to grinding the front end down. Trying to square off the grille area which is going to take forever or at least it seems that way.
  5. So abandoned this for a few days to collect all the other stuff I will eventually need. Transfer paper for emblems, paint, lacquer, etc. I'll get into that later. So all the paint stripped off quite nicely. The side vent on the front door window had a molded vent in the glass so I can't make it flat. I used alcohol and a pointed q-tip to rub off the blue paint between the front and back windows and the chrome coloring around the vent window. This is a trial I'm doing here but I've got some tiny pieces made up in clay to see how they turn out in a mold. I'm going to be calling some 3D print shops tomorrow to see if I can get a grille printed out. If it's not too expensive I definitely want to go that route. These pieces I made up once cast in plastic will need to be sanded down so they look better. Might do a test run tomorrow.
  6. I looked and they don't have any. No one does. The only 210 I found was a round eye hatchback. Boo.
  7. Using this CitriStrip to remove the paint the from car. Working pretty well. Had to hit it a second time.
  8. Got all the plastic bits off. Had to use a drimmel to get the "glass" out. It was in by rivets. My husband rigged his up in the kitchen cause it's one million degrees motherland hot outside. Glass removed Got a test car to see how the paint stripper we have will work. Seems to be doing the job. Just sprayed it 10 minutes ago and it's already bubbling up.
  9. Got tired of not being able to find a tiny 210 and anyone who modifies probably won't do what I need so I'm taking this project on myself 😬 I started with trying to find a car that was as close to the 210 as possible. Not easy when you have a 2-door obscure, red-headed stepchild of a Datsun. I went with the Nissan Sunny 1000. It's fairly close but the front end will need a bit of work unless I can figure out a way to hide the pointed front. Once I get it where I need it to be I'll be making a grille, bumpers, taillights, door handles, side mirror, license plate lights and hopefully a wheel swap. Here's the model: Look how cute with the little muffler 😄
  10. A couple of relics
  11. Took a ride through Topanga and took a couple of pics
  12. 2-door 210 in Bakersfield LKQ. If I really needed stuff I'd be out there but it's too far. I wouldn't mind the taillights if someone is out that way. I always need the dang sockets. Looks like it's been sitting somewhere for centuries.
  13. colourbox

    JCCS 2020

    I'm sick of it too. Especially when it's said by some celebrity in their $20M mansion with their pool and gym. 🙄
  14. colourbox

    JCCS 2020

    Don't forget the 5G towers
  15. colourbox

    JCCS 2020

    Did you all see this? Could be interesting. Petersen has been doing virtual car shows we can participate in. I just haven't been able to yet cause Stanley was in the shop getting some miscellaneous whatnot done. Dear Friends, We are very sorry to announce that the 16th Annual JCCS® will be postponed to 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although we would like to wait longer until making a decision, we must give our attendees and fans coming from afar enough notice to adjust their travel plans. Needless to say, we want everybody to be safe and healthy and do not want to risk you or your families in any way. Let’s look forward to a safe gathering in person next year. However, we would like to do something to continue our mission of giving recognition to classic Japanese cars by hosting a virtual event. We have always wanted to hold an East Coast JCCS but it was not logistically possible for us. With the virtual JCCS event, people who live far away, even overseas, can participate. This event, forced by special circumstances, gives us a chance to hold a truly global celebration of Japanese cars. Let’s show off your Kyusha passion! Please join us for JCCS 2020 – World Matsuri Week! Registration to JCCS World Matsuri Week will open on August 15. Please stay tuned for more registration details.
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