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  1. Actually it was an old dude. I'm going to say, old duding.
  2. I took this one while sitting at a light. How do you not see a big ass truck?
  3. We were sitting at a red light when I took it. I try not to be the asshole that puts out a lawn chair and gawks.
  4. So while driving home a couple days ago I come upon this. The fireman flexed for the shot. Ha! Meanwhile, with a car on its side and two giant fire engines blocking lanes some nuggethead is playing the 'damn near side swipe to cut you off and get in front of you' bullshit. So naturally because my car is bigger than yours (SUV to sedan) and I have more testosterone I am not letting you in front and you can suck it. I hate that shit. WTF, really? You aren't learning by example? Some people's children! Be careful out there ya'll. This was a 4 & 5 moment on the Prince richter scale.
  5. Yes there was a thread a looooong time ago on this subject. I’m sure it’s buried deep within. I signed up not realizing the username we chose would be our screen name or I would’ve been more clever. I work in graphic design so colourbox is kind of a play on Crayola box.
  6. Toyota Corolla Couple of Mustangs GT Was so busy taking a pic of the bus I didn't notice the old ass camper behind it
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