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  1. I’m just revisiting this thread and realized I completely missed your question. I believe the seller was Atom Boys.
  2. Saw this at the gas station Saturday. He’s had it 4 years. Apparently he’s on here. Nice looking roadster.
  3. Sorry to hear that. People will steal anything that isn't glued on, bolted down or cemented in. You ALWAYS have to keep an eye on your stuff no matter where you are. People suck. A glitter-fart tool box might work. A guy my husband works with was forever having his bike stolen from the lot (film lot, they're prop makers). He finally painted his bike bright pink. Never happened again.
  4. Another 210 has popped up in the IE, Ontario, 1981
  5. 1981 210 dropped in San Bernardino today
  6. Just make sure you use sun tan lotion especially on your personables. You definitely don't want those to burn.
  7. Seems like anyone can call themselves a designer these days. Just name your layers in Photoshop please. I swear I've wanted to take designers that don't name layers out to the parking lot and beat their azzz.
  8. He is now for the last 10 years when I started my resto. For the 20 years before that he wasn't and the taillights were fine, miraculously. What had happened was one of the sockets in the left taillight kept rusting out. It just kept doing it so I bought those after market ones to replace them and they were pretty but there was nothing wrong with mine except for the freaking socket. I was always careful about getting water around there even when I washed him (hand wash) and the darn thing would rust out anyway. Had me baffled. Still has me baffled.
  9. I don't need to. I've worked with knuckleheads that have done it. I've seen some stupid shit get by and printed. Poor Photoshop work is the best like these.
  10. This is true but at the same time there's a lot of other craziness out there to give us plenty of meme fodder.
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