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  1. I worked for a company where the CEO fit that description. I actually deemed her the hooven one. What a beast that woman was.
  2. If that's what you're looking for I've been making them for a while. I think my ad expired but I still got some if you're interested.
  3. You're welcome. Hope he can send it. Randy's a good guy.
  4. Ranman72 says he has one from an '81. I told him he should hit you up. Maybe you should DM him and see if he'll ship it to you.
  5. You should send her a message if you're willing to ship it. I'm sure she'd love to have it. She's in Washington. Or you can comment on the thread: https://ratsun.net/topic/78209-are-all-210-sedan-trunk-years-universal/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-1700256
  6. Anybody in or around Ontario, CA that can check out the 1980 round eye 210 for the trunk lid at the LKQ at 700 E 21st Street N? Another user is looking for one. Her handle is witchespellmichelle if you can. It was available 1/9 so it may or may not still be there. I think they keep the cars a little longer out there in the IE than they do here in LA.
  7. Aww, well that stinks 😐 I was able to get a NOS fender through that site a couple years ago. Amazing! If I were closer to Ontario (I’m 60 miles away) I’d go check out that car. I’ll post in the wrecking yard thread and see if anyone out there can check it for you. I know there’s a dude that generally hits a lot of the yards gathering parts cause he makes extra money.
  8. I bet you look great in pastels 😁 Have you tried car-part.com? If they have it they’ll generally ship.
  9. The 210/B310 is rather specific to itself. Doesn't share any body parts that I know of. Some interior pieces are compatible with the 720. My parts book shows one part number for the trunk so it's possible the trunk lid is the same for '79 - '82. I don't know where you're located but there's a round eye B310 in Ontario, CA right now. If someone is close maybe they'll be willing to pull it for you if you can't find one.
  10. So back to this. I go away for a minute and it's all a wreck. I agree with naner. Can't log in or do anything in iPhone. On iPad if I turn it horizontal then I can sign in. I also stopped getting emails sent to my personal account when someone would send me a message here. WTF! Fix this shit! And I liked the old classifieds too.
  11. Hey I could use two of those emblems for a B210 station wagon.


    1. colourbox


      These are for a 210 not a B210. Just FYI. They are two different models.

    2. loffdaddy
    3. colourbox


      Currently making more 210 emblems

  12. I don't know. I didn't peek under the hood or car and the entire gear shift was gone when I got to it or I would've noted the speed on the shift knob when I was looking around inside.
  13. There’s a 1980 2-door 210 in LKQ Sun Valley. Just dropped yesterday. I forgot to take pictures. Got there when they opened this morning and me some other dude made a beeline for it. He was after the front bumper. I took the taillight sockets and rear side markers. Interior was pretty shredded. Body was in decent shape. All the glass was there.
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