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  1. ALIEN3T

    Ratsun meet - Port Orchard A&W 6/22/13

    i love seeing my purple fender on Freeks car. Which started the whole 3 days, 3 cases of Guinness and a lot fo sanding masking acetone and painting Dead Hooker Grey on the car. Good times good times. And at that time Fast and Furios 1-4 on loop in the garage just because. Would love to one day come up and roll at a meet from cali, (course either in freeks car or my volks rod). looked like an awesome meet, some nice Vehicles all around, and looked like fun.
  2. ALIEN3T

    Garage Bluebird

    love them, hence i don not have a Datsun, (but my brother freekwonder does and i started that paint job< purple fender painting started it). in the process of buying car garage shirts since i need new t's. (volks rods fo rnow). definatly looking to pick up the 510, and 620 shirt eventually, look great. ill buy to support community in a way.
  3. ALIEN3T

    1972 510 2dr

    F*** You no sell car!!!!!! to much time, money and so on, I mean damn just spent 600 on gauges alone. to much time, Just give me the damn car, and it will come back running little bro.
  4. ALIEN3T

    VW Bug fenders as flares

    Um that doesnt look like ADAM Carolla in the last pic? They actually do look pretty good.
  5. ALIEN3T

    Sightings 2, the not a datsun but... Thread

    LIke my bro said, Type 3. (easy to lower). Came out later than the squareback and notch. If you search THESAMBA you cna at times find guys selling 2 of them for undera grand, One for driver, one as the parts car of whats left. Just Type 3 parts not as plentiful as Type 1 and Type 2 parts are.

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