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  1. Also got these rear coilovers from my budyy marsh510
  2. when me and my buddy fixed the damn brakes
  3. nice :thumbup: ..you should go to the santa clara meets
  4. so it looks good but it needs more low :devil: also swapped the 280zx 5 spd in there..just need to shorten the driveshaft
  5. B) looks sick man..are those wheels 14x7? what size tires are you running?
  6. its Gustavo.. cool dude where in the same club
  7. body might be ugly but i willl soon get off my ass and take off all the black plastidip and primer to reveal its original color..............soon lol
  8. soo got some work done this past sunday. shortened front struts with mr2 inserts,with welded coilovers
  9. nice builds man :thumbup: .QUESTION. what size tires are you running on your red ssr's ?
  10. changed rear shocks..old ones where gone PO plastidipped the car black over the primer.they fucked up its original color :crying:
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