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  1. Caballero

    Rock Auto Discount Codes go here

    This code is good until I find a girlfriend. 7478792266997238 Or before February 18, 2018 so do not wait! Cheers and Happy New year~!~~!~!~!~!
  2. Caballero

    I Can't find brake adjuster retainer clip!

    Thank you for stopping by, I know its new years eve and you guys took your precious time to help me! Wish you the best for 2016!!!! I was searching the whole day for the parts, due to the 10 pack ones >_> (41214-04100). I found out this website: http://www.nissanwholesalepartsmesa.com/oe-nissan/4121404100 In that website they sell it individually, but the page doesn't look as legit. But took an order still, I hope I don't regret it. (@flatcat19 Thank you!, sadly I bought before re looking at the post u_u; but if they don't I'll buy you a pair) Btw 10 packs!!! slry!?? It's draining life essence from my wallet. But who said, the path of the Datsun was easy... bummer. I've not bought the other parts I'm still searching. That other page that it doesn't look as legit, I want to make sure they arrive, they do sell it individually there. Also since I'm on vacations I hope I'm able to fix my truck, so I have it ready when I return to work. Thank You !!! !! GUYS!!!
  3. Hi guys, I'm having trouble finding online or in store, the clicp retainer for the brake ajuster that are on a Datsun 620 1977 rear drum brakes. Those adjuster keeps on falling, I've tried to grab them like previous owner with cables (it's bad i know) but it's not enough. I tried Rock Auto but I don't find the part. Do any of you know the part number or the kit. Thank you for you help. And happy new year!!
  4. Datsun 620 1977 KC Hi there guys! +Story for your amusement. So It was 2 pm, on a fresh afternoon, I went to the bank, got some cash, pay some bills, return to work (it was my lunch break) as soon I arrived and parked my gas pedal when down till I hit the wall. So I get off the car to watch what has gone to it, and I see this metal ball on the floor, my gas pedal just ripped off and there was no extra line to pull with a pliers or something. So its payday and decided to buy one online (ATP Acce Cable on Ebay $12), and it arrived on Friday, (this was on Wednesday and there was a party outside the Job so I went there and leave my truck there at the parking lot. Nothing wrong can occur right? So its Friday, the mail arrived, had to make a long line to cross the border, when to the P.O. Box returned to work, and when at my desk I open the package, I made my war-cry face. The cable seem to be missing a part. But....in reality that's how the cable it is. +The Real issue. So, this cable is missing something like an oval shape plastic, where you put 2 screws on them to attack on the body of the car, then the small metal ball that attaches to your pedal goes to the other side, this prevents the acce cable to not be loose, and its missing that, the one I removed it has that, clearly the new one has a screw like ring on it, but it cannot be attached to the body of the car so it hangs loose, at work, my father came to help me, so we actually tried to place it but it was not possible, so we ended up placing some clip on pliers on the gas medal (to the cable) and drive the car home like that. +Recheck on internet. I researched again for acc. cables, but when I found out the one that really looks like the one I had, it seems its for a Datsun 720, but the problem is that cable is way too long. +Solutions 1. Give up 2. Buy another one. 3. Get the one for the 720, and hope it works. 4. Wait for someone to have a link to the real deal. (I hope its not those 40 dlls acc cables @_@) My Truck and my old Man. THANK YOU!!!
  5. Caballero

    Rock Auto Discount Codes go here

    Rockauto discount Code: 1596457313081666 Amount: 5% Off Expires: 9/8/2013 B) Go get some parts !!
  6. Caballero

    521 Mystery Bearing

    I found them at ebay the KOYO ones, but bought the ones in rock auto, they have that "protrusion" in the back, lot of thanks!!! o live in the middle of nowhere in the dessert from baja california.... xD
  7. Caballero

    521 Mystery Bearing

    I need to change the FRONT INNER Bearings for my 620 1977, its has some KOYO 32KB02/1B, but i don't seem to find them in stores, I only see some of them at Rock Auto but, the picture doesn't look like the one you have here, and as the bearing I have at my desk, I mean, we both have the same Koyo bearing, but the ones in the displayed on Rock Auto web page look different @_____@ omg what do i do??!?!?!??! I need to buy them asap since my truck is on the mechanic I need to buy them so he can place them @___@ wish he was patient enough for the shipping xD, I did find the outer bearings, but not the inner ones @____@
  8. Caballero

    620 4x4

    You have no idea how many times I come to see the pictures of this truck, and see my wallet at the same time.
  9. Caballero

    JDM 620 Swag :D

    you broke my heart with false illutions T____T, but hey, If i did the troll I know I would be lmao
  10. Caballero

    620 parts

    Can you google map it, I live near Calexico, so I gotta see how much $ would it be to drive there. Thank you!
  11. Caballero

    FS - 79 KC 620

    I would take it, however, my 77' has no good tires, and that truck might not have good tires as well, so, its only a dream to be able to buy it. Driving the thing to 92231, its bit far away T___T, but if get to know a way to send it here, that would work if the price its not that high :)
  12. Caballero

    620 Tach - Ebay

    I was trying to get the other one a month ago, and this one again goes away from me T___T
  13. Caballero

    Buyer/Seller Feedback....

    Yello620, good shipping good price good response!! B)
  14. Caballero

    Buyer/Seller Feedback....

    Yello620, good shipping good price good response 5/5 :thumbup:
  15. Caballero

    1 owner 22,000 mile 620

    Believe or not, I'm kinda interested in the trucks story behind it, how it end up there all alone....left alone....in the woods lost and cold...getting eat alive by nature itself....

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