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  1. When it comea the the chrysler 2.2l, it really depends on tHe year. In mid 86' they redesigned thw block to better handle the boost. My family has had both boosted and NA version s of the Chrysler 2.2, and both were amazing. But once again they were after the redesign. With that, I have also seen people runnin 12+psi without a problem, daily, for years. I personally would love a boosted 2.2l anything. The original 2.2 was based on the VW 1.6L (which is bulletproof), so ir is a good strong design. My girl has an 87' Sundance with an NA 2.2 that I plan on building. Kinda cool to see these old
  2. Spoona_Jay21


    The drums are just fine for them, but if you do plan on upgrading anything power wise, I would do the brakes... hell i'd do the brakes anyway. But it isn't NEEDED. Everything SHOULD be able to swap straight over from a 78-79. Hope this helps :D
  3. I would do the aggro, then find some round turn signals and relocate em down to where those fogs are in the pic :D would look pretty sick!
  4. Dude! Great progress! Can't wait too see More :D
  5. an interesting idea would be smooth em, and then drill new holes to run 68' Dodge Dart sidemarkers. they are simple and clean. http://www.summitracing.com/parts/oam-mp4151/overview/year/1968/make/dodge/model/dart http://www.summitracing.com/parts/oam-mp4161/overview/year/1968/make/dodge/model/dart they are a bit pricey new, but i bet you could find them a little cheaper used somewhere Just my $0.02 :thumbup:
  6. got the first bit of fairing(?) straight. will work on it more tomorrow.
  7. trying something new.... hope it turns out... never actually realized how detailed Motorcycles are.....
  8. NW Auto Recyclers in Lake Stevens has a Red and silver 10th anniversary 280ZX. Made me wanna cry....
  9. Am I the only one that gets bothered by people saying the year of a vehicle AFTER the make and model??? "Oh yeah dude, i've got a Honda civic Dx, 1998" SO FUCKING ANNOYING! Ok.. I'm done....
  10. no biggie! i figured it out. went to Aussie spec and made the outer turns in the bumper amber. Finished and framed! Now need to start on some Motorcycles. hope they turn out!
  11. Cool! do you have any desire to get it back to the OG orange? If So Heavy Duty Easy Off is a cheap way to go about it. spray it on, let it sit for a few hours, and then wipe it off. takes alot of work out of sanding, and reclearing and so on. worked on one of my dads doors for his 620, ate through the 5-6 layers of badly done paint, back to the original Yellow.
  12. I'm Not a Hermit! scheduling conflicts, needing a ride, ect.
  13. I LOVE THIS! I want a really cool Boso 620KC drawn like this, but my mind won't let me. :rofl: i'll trade you a doodle for a doodle! :w00t:
  14. I WILL be there =D excited to hang with Datto guys again. haven't hung out with Datsun people since Slicks BBQ..... holy hell... that was like 2 years ago....
  15. when i see a 1200 fastback, i think it looks most like a 67' stang fastback. ANYWAY! i am glad to see this thing gettin some attention!
  16. OUCH! :rofl: I am a big Dub fan so for me, i like havin it :blush:
  17. trying to use a slightly darker shading deal with this one. i feel it is turning out really well! :w00t:
  18. Thanks man! i work hard on these, and it is really nice to hear the good input :hug: and on the other bit.... i used to be the same way. just started drawing alot and honed my skills a bit more. Those are what were on my reference photo, so i used em. :rofl: i like how they look in combo with the full car. i am just trying to figure out where to add some color.... this car has none.... white car, white wheels, clear lighting..... Lol, i'll figure it out! :thumbup:
  19. Oh.... so it is.... lol my mistake. Only took a quick glance at it.
  20. hand is shaking too much. will pick up on it tonight.
  21. In my eyes the most BEAUTIFUL Z car ever made. 74' 260Z 2+2. before they went to the HUGE bumpers, but still had the sweet 260/280 tails.
  22. Funniest Line i have heard i a LONG while! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: my friend did the same crap to me. he knows i like fixin cars and such, and that i am into Datsuns, so he got a 98' Maxima and though, just because i like old Nissans, that i am a Master mechanic on ALL Nissans.... you should have seen the engine bay.... looked worse than the Honda at the top.....
  23. slow but sure. been really busy recently so this hasn't gone too quick.
  24. Great progress man! can't wait to see the final product! wish more people were into this over here...
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