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  1. I can't help but agree! Excited to see how these turn out!
  2. Very nice! Love seein more progress on this beast!
  3. I try to be! on here (and all other social media i am on) every 15 mins to an hour, every day, just to be sure i can :thumbup:
  4. I Promise it isn't me! i haven't gotten a message from the man!
  5. Instagram is Spoona_Jay21. Lol mostly my drawings and other random shit.
  6. I will be there a bit late as I have some shit to do earlier in the day. but I will be there
  7. i'm glad! hope they look as good in person as in pics! :rofl:
  8. DONE! FINALLY!!!!!!! And on monday i need to start the 2014 Ninja..... :rofl:
  9. DaBlist.... you have amazing taste. Love that Caddy soooooooooooooooooo much!
  10. Just read through this all! I LOVE IT! Especially the the hood ornament, and old Delridge Datsun frame. Used to live down the street from the Southwest Plumbing that currently is in the old Delridge Datsun dealer :D want to find one for my 620 eventually....
  11. Just read through about 80% of this (as i am a simple mind and am pleased by pictures) and this looks like a fun build, and looks like this NL has gone to a good home =D Wish i could do somethin like this with one of my cars, but either there is enough stock examples i don't have to feel bad, OR they are too far gone in my case! :rofl:
  12. Just keep in mind, they might poke a little more once it is on the ground. cause of the weight on the suspension. Not much, but a little or maybe not.... maybe i am backwards.... ignore this.....
  13. Front end is FINALLY DONE! now time to do the rear.....
  14. I like em! if i had some 16x8's to trade ya i would :hmm: sucks ya didn't get what ya wanted.
  15. Looks like a fun little project! i have always loved Older Sentra's.
  16. the line art is FINALLY DONE! Now on to shading! lol
  17. Those are awesome! wish i could paint... but it never agree's with me! :rofl: I absolutely LOVE the top one! would look great above my desk ;)
  18. Do my eyes Deceive me?! or does Wayno actually have a sorta ratty lookin rig???? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Anyway! I love the 4x4! would love to get my hands on one someday!
  19. OM NOM NOM!!!!! Any plans for future body mods?
  20. Yeah, i decided to change them anyway! lol. i know these were supposed to be YOURS not just the same model, so i definately tried to get them as close as i could. and i wouldn't have been happy one i finally would have noticed. Rear bits done, now time to do the fronts. but before that.... House work....
  21. Thanks for that! i forgot yours was different! fixed! will be up with the next photo.
  22. exactly! lol Slow but sure. The devil is in the details.....
  23. Busy weekend, was just able to get back on it! Deadline to finish this an a 2014 Ninja by Saturday!
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