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  1. Oh, speaking of the paint situation, I am guessing proper prepping probably wasn't taken when it was rattlecanned, so get a few cans of Easy-Off Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner. Spray it on, then let it sit for an hour or so, then just rinse it off with a hose. i did that with a spare 620 door we had, and it ate through all the rattlecanned layers down to the original paint w/o harming it. Also it works as an AMAZING degreaser. Better than the normal degreasers I have used. Cheap way to deal with it, and if it doesn't work, ya have oven cleaner still! Anyway, just my 0.02$
  2. Gettin there. Redid the seat cause I didn't like how it was the other day, and did more detail work. Needed a short break, so figured I would post progress. :blush:
  3. Very cool! Love me some Black KC's!
  4. done for now. hands are shaking more than a dog after a rain storm! :rofl:
  5. ? Just remember, that is at the latest! if i can finish it this weekend i will :rofl:
  6. Gettin the front sorted. hope to have the line art finished by friday. then a goal of completion on the 11th at the latest. damn...
  7. WHY DID THIS NOT HAPPEN!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  8. Glad too see more progress! can't wait to see it on the ground with the new rims..... :poke:
  9. Gettin back on it... Life has been a bit busy recently....
  10. Always remember, the more oics you have, the better it is. :rofl:
  11. Yeah, my girl has an 89' Wagon, so i have kinda been gettin into em a little more,need to find a Weber Intake for it, then the plan for hers is basically make it look like this one :blush:
  12. AE92 Corolla. so the first front drivers from 87-92' here is some more :rofl: Yeah, i was tired of arguing with my Honda friends, so decided to look it up lol Both are mighty fine cars! wouldn't mind an old G1 Civic.... with a 12v VR6..... :devil: If you look in my sig you can see i like both of em :blush:
  13. ACTUALLY! and i hate to say this since i am a dubhead myself.... The civic was debut's 3 months before the mk1 golf, so if you think about it the civic is the ORIGINAL hot hatch, BUT just as the whole Pony Car debate (Mustang vs. Valiant Barracuda) where there was a 2 week difference, it is the better of the two at the time, that takes the fame. In 74' when the Mk1 golf Debuted it was the better performer, and had less bugs than the Civic. AND the Golf had the performance oriented GTI in the FIRST generation, where as it took the Civic 3 Generations to get a performance oriented model. If
  14. Here is the start to the next one. I hate where it sits on the page, but i might be able to work with it, and make it look better by the end.
  15. Wow... holy hell man. Do u feel completely out classed!
  16. Sorta saddenning to see it slowly go 240, BUT I see the reasoning. Hope it goes well ;) I don't wanna go back and read, and I don't remember off hand, but are you using the tails from the 240 parts car? Or getting new?
  17. Now I know this is a bit serious, and too Datsun related for insomniacs, but I am looking for a quick simple answer, and feel starting a new thread is silly. In 83' the 300ZX debuted as a Datsun By Nissan, and in 84' was a Nissan By Datsun, which means to me, the 84' would be titled as a Nissan whereas an 83' would be titled as a Datsun, Making it the only year of the DATSUN 300ZX. Is this correct to assume?
  18. Sweet! can't wait to see that bumper on ;)
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