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  1. well here are some pics from right after we got the truck. i will have pics of it now, either later tonight or tomorrow
  2. DAVE! how many 620's are you goin to have! nice rig though man =P hopefully see you soon
  3. Hello! i may have just started an account but i have been coming on here for a while. My name is Jason, A.K.A Jay A.K.A SPOONA! long story on how i got that name, i might tell ya'll later. My Pops is also a member of Ratsun, he has two 73' 620s both with Webered L20B's. you guy's may know him as moparvwfreak, or Mark. i am from Monroe Washington, and i LOVE the PNW! i don't think i could live anywhere else. i am 16 years old, i have liked Datsuns for only a few years (didn't pay much attention to them before them) and i also LOVE Volkswagens and Pre-90's Chrysler Products, IMO they mostly went
  4. nice Mk2! i love Dubs, and a Rally Idea would be really cool. Good luck on the project man! B)
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