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  1. dude! Indy, i just have to say, Ruby is comin along great. i will admit when i first saw her cut up i almost cried, but now that i see the progress i have found a new found faith in you =P


    eventually i am plannin on doin a tube frame on my truck, goin super low, and so on. maybe when they are both done, photo shoot? lol. hope to see more progress on her soon, good job sofar though :thumbup:

  2. ok, so i have this 78' 620 king cab, i have this crazy idea. i figure since my truck is in bad shape as it is, it gives me the chance to do some crazy mods to it.example of how bad it is =/


    this was right after we got the truck, used to be my dads =P

















    and here is how it sits now, got parted for one of our 73's.











    sorry for the bad pics =/


    i know a good number of you won't agree with this project but here is my plans in the end for it, for this project i want to incorporate 2 of my 3 big car loves. Volkswagen, and of course Datsun.


    - custom tube frame

    - Mid mounted VW 12Valve VR6 w/ 5spd Manual

    - coil springs all the way around

    - independent axles, front and rear

    - prettymuch a full custom interior, except the main dash will stay stock, seats, door cards, dash bezel, all aluminum plates, & so on

    - i'm still not sure on wheels

    - and a Leather Wrapped Taneau Cover (not sure how to spell that)

    - of course also fixin all the structural rust. all the body rust is stayin =P


    other than that for the body, it is goin back to how it looked when we bought it. lookin like crap. that is my goal. i want a complete sleeper, but still race oriented, most people won't expect it due to the body.


    i do want to hear your opinions, even if they are bad. well not bad opinions, but if you Disagree =P

  3. Hello! i may have just started an account but i have been coming on here for a while. My name is Jason, A.K.A Jay A.K.A SPOONA! long story on how i got that name, i might tell ya'll later. My Pops is also a member of Ratsun, he has two 73' 620s both with Webered L20B's. you guy's may know him as moparvwfreak, or Mark. i am from Monroe Washington, and i LOVE the PNW! i don't think i could live anywhere else. i am 16 years old, i have liked Datsuns for only a few years (didn't pay much attention to them before them) and i also LOVE Volkswagens and Pre-90's Chrysler Products, IMO they mostly went downhill after then. I have 3 Cars, a 1968 Dodge Dart 270 4door(Princess), which used to be my mothers. a 1987 Plymouth Sundance 4door(Kathy), i paid 200$ for, and a 1978 Datsun 620 KC(Sebastien).


    so here is the story of my Datsun. my dad bought this 78' 620 king cab for (if I remember correctly) $800. had no exhaust and a Webered L20B. it was lowered, no exhaust, and the tail lights were(and still are) trailer lights. the biggest problem with this truck is, it is probably holier than the pope :yawn: if you look through the bed just right you can see through BOTH bed sides and out too the other side. this truck has rust issues. about 1/4 to 1/8 of the transmission tunnel is missing, the passenger floorboards are almost gone. this truck is a rattle trap from hell. but I LOVE IT! i want it for the one reason of, i would feel bad if i cut up a perfectly good 620 too build a drifter. so i might as well start with somethin in bad shape, and i don't know i just really like its rattyness. sorry for going off track back to how i got it. he parted it out for his 73' standard cab tossing the motor into it, the heater is gone, hood has bees swapped cause the one it it was straight. and all sorts of little things. i told him over and over how mmuch i liked the truck so eventually he sarted helping with idea's on what I should do with him, and he even says he is mine now.


    well there is my little Datsun story and Hello =) Yes there will be pics of everything, including my Ugly mug so you can see who the hell i am =P

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