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  1. those wheels are AWESOME! Any Idea what they are???
  2. good buy man! would you be willing though to post a good pic of the wheels, kinda wanna see those puppies =P
  3. i got bored so i printed out everything Sir Figbuck has said so i can read it while i'm in class, or in the car or whatever. i am only about 1/3 of the way through and i absolutely love your writing, and am glad you wrote your stories. these stories give me somethin too look forward too, a life of interesting things, and yes i know it will be alot different than your time cause of how the times have changed. but know i know what i am taking on the roadtrip i have been planning for the last few years. my Datsun. thank you for the inspiration -Spoona
  4. they look like Weld rims, but thats just a guess.
  5. my personal faves, leaning more towards the bottom ones :thumbup: in the end it's all up too you, but i think no matter what you do it will look good
  6. Ok guys, thanks for the help. B) goin with the silver, if you want to see the truck they are goin on, look at "wifes 620" right here in the 620 forum
  7. well the truck will be cherry red, so i think it will just look odd. i like the colors i listed that i have seen. color matched housings look weird too me. thanks for the suggestion though
  8. Ok, so i am reconditioning a set of tail light housings. I am trying to make them as original as possible when i do it. I have seen them in silver, a dark grey, this funky gold(which the ones I am workin with currently are) My question is, do any of you know what color they should be for a 73'? If so can you give me paint codes, or possibly where i can get some? Any help would be helpful, thanks guys B)
  9. Welcome good sir =P Hope you enjoy it here. we have a.. Interesting.. sense of humor to say the least Now we need to see your Datsun =P
  10. how it sat when we got it in 2009. hope to get it back to this shape within the next year, cause as of now it sits like this =/ and yes i AM keeping the Stinger Tip and trailer lights. those are two of the coolest parts =P
  11. no oics, and it wasn't MY datsun, but this mornin we loaded up Dads 73' 620 and headed off to the dump. i love that truck.
  12. that thing is BAD ASS! i am not usually a 521 guy but i would rock that in a HEARTBEAT! you got a great steal on it =P
  13. i need to talk to some of my techy friends. we need a Datsun Racing game. ia good mix between, Forza, Need for Speed, and Gran Torismo. and a fun F10 racer.
  14. love the Swastika's on there. :thumbup: due to that now i want one.... have to finish the 620 first =/
  15. dude, those seats are so comfy! still can't believe the tape deck works in the thing! gotta be glad dad still listens to tapes in the 620 =P
  16. beautiful Z! and it's a 72 dart, what a beut! afterthought sidemarkers =/ i also saw a flat black 210 sedan down at a buffet down town. but my phone was bein slow, so it got a pic of the Accord next too it.
  17. that thing is EPIC! Love the Fatty's in the rear! once somethin happens to either my lil' Plymouth or my 620 i'm thinkin gettin an older Volvo.
  18. looks good man! my dads been lookin for a longbed.
  19. OMG! I LOVE IT! i wanted to do a 210 build like this, still kinda do. hope it turns out well! looks like another thing i have to keep tabs on =P
  20. lookin good man! hope to see more progress soon
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