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  1. Nice little rig there! i have always liked the b210 line. hope too see more progress soon, cause it looks pretty promising right now =P
  2. dude! this guy has it down! cool car, full explanation and Oics! Welcome to Ratsun Man!
  3. give him props for doin a decent job but.. WTF?????
  4. i wish i had cash!!! my dream Z right there....
  5. Glad to hear your slowly workin your way outta there! hope to see ya soon Dave =D
  6. i personally am not a fan of the project, i am a major tuner guy, BUT i think a classic Mopar should stay as such. BUT i do give props for the work, and somethin different. hope to see this give my Dart a run for it's money when they are both done =P
  7. could always be Epsilons. just a guess =P
  8. i know how that goes. my truck is in the same state. only difference is, i have been in my truck while it was driving. used to be my dads. =P
  9. DUDE! that is epic! i personally would throw everyone for a loop and toss in a LD28, but that's just me, great find! on a side note, any idea what those wheels are???
  10. Dude, the 510 is gorgeus! but what are these rims???
  11. Welcome! hope too see this goon, not so heartless soon =P
  12. The Force is strong in this one! good lookin truck you have there, hope too see more progress soon.
  13. Truck looks good man! hope too see more progress soon =D
  14. WELCOME! glad to have you in the Ratsun Family, and another E36 owner. my pops has an e36 aswell =P
  15. dude, Dave! glad to hear things are goin well, and i hope to see ya up and runnin great again soon =D
  16. "what the hell is this guy doin takin oics of us???" lol
  17. Welcome! Hope to see you with a Datto soon, for now a Porsche will do though =P
  18. The PERFECT 280 lies here in this thread! Love how it looks man, good Job =D
  19. i forgot a car when i posted the other day the C110 Skyline YES! i would take this over ANY other Skyline, INCLUDING the KPC10! (wanna build one to match my truck eventually :P )
  20. obviously not too the quality work i have seen here, but this is what happens when i get bored in math.
  21. dude. once both my 87 Plymouth and my 68 Dart are done they are both gettin Ratsun Stickers so who cares! hell my dads BMW had a Ratsun sticker on it till the snow pulled it off
  22. I love your Passat too =P tis be a Beaut =P here they are for me Datsun 620 =P the Mk1 Volkswagen Rabbit/Golf The E28 BMW M5 And call me wierd for this one if you please, BUT the Volvo 240 Line All Sexy beasts in my honest opinion =P
  23. you have no idea how badly i want your truck! looks great man!
  24. Great too hear your pullin out of this Buddy! hope too see ya out there soon =D
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