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  1. This is looking GREAT! keep up the good work! on a side note, If it was me, I would keep the 260/280 Tail lights. I personally prefer them.
  2. Sooo.. maybe i'm too young of a member to remember, but WHY are we fucking NOTES?
  3. I have this Weird WANT to do a "Max Power" Style with the 720....
  4. Honestly Can't believe I am seeing this for the first time! Great work Wayno!
  5. Nitrous gets me excited! One question though, Don't most Racing Organizations not allow Nitrous to be stored in the passenger compartment, Or behind some sort of "Blast Shield"? or is this a misconception of mine?
  6. Follow you on Insta, I am assuming Carlos got the Wagon? Saw he picked up a wagon matching your description! Excited to see the progress on both!
  7. Finally finished my bumper and had some Professional photo's taken. Very happy with how it turned out.
  8. Can't wait to listen to this in the 720 ❤️
  9. I really need to go see this thing in action.... I live like 3 miles from Evergreen Speedway lol
  10. This is my 2001 VW Cabrio. This car has been my passion project for about 4 years now. Not everyone's taste, But it is mine. I bought it four years ago for 450$ cause I was in need of a car. And since then she has gone from a cheap beater, to a full on project. anyway, here are some transformation pics from over the years. The day I bought her. Stayed like that for a while, Until I bent a few wheels on a NASTY Pothole Then she got some 16" Porsche wheels after that, Clear Tail lights, Lowered on some used Coilovers
  11. This is painful! The suspense of seeing it all is KILLING ME!!!!
  12. Nice Work!! On occasion I draw stuff as well. This one was a few years back
  13. Hey everyone! So I used to be here often.... but I strayed for a while, got back into VW's, and various other things.... some may remember, most probably won't. ANYWAY! After my Lexus made me HATE owning a "newer" car, I decided it is time to get something "SIMPLE" again to daily. and here it is. 81' 720 - z22 - Nothing crazy. Got it from a buddy of mine, by trading him R33 GTR wheels for it 😂. she is rough, been sitting since 2014, LOTS of rust, but it has character, and I love that. Oh! that reminds me! She goes by Ladybug, because a previous owner decided at one point to cover
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