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  1. 1 hour ago, datzenmike said:

    22100-N8561 was only used on the 1981 S110 200sx with the Z20E engine. Some time in the past this was swapped into the 720. That's alright it will work just as well.

    Oh! Great to know! It was the one that was in the truck when I got it, and it worked when the truck ran last 😆😆😆

  2. Well, after watching a few people online and not having the money for the BIG stuff, mustered up the Motivation to "Restore" the distributor. 


    Started with exterior Disassembly.








    Then started to Wire wheel some stuff.





    Then Primed and painted a few items



    While I was waiting for that to dry I repaired a Borken Connector on the ignition Wiring



    Also Put a Semi-gloss Clear over all the bare parts. And After Drilling out the Pins that held the side clips on, needed to replace em and found some Cotter pins in the garage. Not quite as "Clean" looking as the OEM Pins, but they will do. 




    And My Newly "Refurbished" Distributor. 79128871_3108242289190248_20024015382317




    Nice way to fill a cold Afternoon. Might start this process on the Alternator Today. Might not. Not sure Yet. 

  3. Great work dude! excited to see it slowly Taking Shape! Between You and "Soup Classic Auto's" on YouTube, Ya'll have motivated me to Hopefully pick up a welder this weekend, and start repairs on the 720's Sheetmetal! 


    and.. THOSE WHEELS!!!!!!!!  Fucking DROOLING!!!! 💗💗💗💗

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  4. HOLY FUCK! So Josh and I tore the engine down to a short block today, checked the Bearings, and any other wear, and this Z22 is one of the CLEANEST engines i have had the pleasure of tearing apart! only 1 broken bolt (lower bolt on the lower coolant outlet) which to me is a SOLID win! 


    This was taken IMMEDIATELY after we pulled the Valve cover off, I was BLOWN AWAY on how clean it is. 



    However when you flip it over you can see some bad carbon build up on the valves, and see they aren't quite seating right, along with a bit of oil in cyl. 2, So i am goin to do the valve seals, and re-seat the valves





    Also looking at the block, the cylinder walls are SO SMOOTH! kinda surprised, only one that has any issue is a bit of rust build up in Cyl. 4 but honestly I think that might be from sitting for a while.







    After flipping it over and pulling the pan, we found ALOT of sludge in the pan, but no particles in the oil pickup, so i am pretty confident the sludge is just from the truck sitting. 







    In conclusion, today was a HUGE Success! Honestly, I am feeling More and more Confident as they project goes on. just waiting for that other shoe to drop 😅

  5. got a Decent amount done today! My buddy Josh came up and helped me yank the Engine and Trans. had a few small casualties, but overall everything went SUPER SMOOTH! Not a broken stud or bolt! at least today anyway, here are pics...


    Removing the rest of the rotten battery tray with snips, cause we were tired of cutting our self.



    Removed the Grille with 1 small Casualty 😭 





    but the other breaks in the Grille look Fixable 👍



    Exhaust cut off and out! 



    getting her ready to come out!



    After we got it out, we needed to admire the ANTLERS 😆



    However, before we got it on the stand, we had a small causality... the engine Hoist kinda fell over.... damaged the front valance, and front pulleys...





    but in the end, finally got it on the stand, and the new Header mocked up! 





    In the end, i am still feeling super confident. This is kind of my first REALLY big "Build" and super exited to get more work done.  hoping to get the engine torn down to a long block and cleaned tomorrow, THEN we can tare it down further to investigate how good this little Z22 still is. 

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  6. 1 More part down! picked up a Pacesetter Header NIB off Facebook Marketplace today. Said her husband bought it for their work truck, Then changed his mind. got it 100$ off retail!





    Also ran across a clean little Comanche! Not too often I see them in the wild anymore



  7. So I finally got her home today! did some final clean out, to see what was all there, And not there 😆 Found out the floors are a little more Rotten than I thought, but workable. also Found an Unopened Can of Coors  Light under the seat, Wonder how long that's been there!








    Also, some Final Decisions have been made,


    1. We are keeping the NapZ and going to reseal, with a new Hotter Cam, Weber 32/36, and Pacesetter Header (picking up tomorrow, will post pics)

    2. The truck is getting completely Rewired with a Painless 21 Circuit Harness (just to ease my mind of ANY electrical Gremlins that may be due to 40 year old wiring that may, or may not have been fucked with)

    3. The engine bay is getting rust repair while the engine and harness are out, and is being repainted a nice Dijon Mustard Color. Unsure of the EXACT color we will use, but I'll keep it updated once i figure it out. 


    Some Decisions I am toying with:  

    1. Late 720 all chrome bumper (much prefer the look to the early plastic capped bumpers 😷)

    2. Shaving the Center Latch on the tailgate, in favor of Chromed Earlier style Side latches like on 620's and older. 


    anyway, not really any real progress, but I figured I would try and keep this up to date, and share some ideas i've had.

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  8. So my buddy and I actually did some shit on the truck today! 











    Got her pulled out of the field and washed, Established she had compression, and fuel, then realized it had intermittent Power to the Coils. After doing some looking about... we realized the Wiring in the bay is a rats nest! things taped together, quick spliced, incorrect colors, ect.


    After establishing that, we quickly realized that it would be a NIGHTMARE to try and rewire everything with the cut up, OEM harness.  So we have decided to rewire the truck. I will be doing some research on figuring HOW we want to go about it. However while we are doing the wiring work, we will be pulling the Engine/trans as well, to clean up the engine bay and go through the engine. 


    Basic engine plans consist of EITHER:

    A: remove all emissions crap and replace Hitachi W/ Weber and do a basic Reseal and clean up of the engine (new gaskets, paint some shit, ect)

    B: build an LZ with Sidedrafts


    Either way, excited to get more work done! hope to actually get it HOME and in the garage soon (within 2 weeks) and I'll keep ya'll posted with pics!  

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