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  1. in other news, finally got my mk1 GTI front lip installed and my buddy Justin gave me his old neck pillows out of his Acura, so i decided to put em in. thats it. nothing really new.
  2. Yeah... that thing sits low enough, no more that 2 people can be in it at a time.... because we would scrape flat pavement.
  3. my dad just picked up a 71' Beetle, might look into this thread for inspiration =P here is his.
  4. but if it was a Nissan President, it would magically be so goddam cool.....
  5. Nice little Hako you have there! when you do decide to ditch the G18, i know someone that would be interested for a decent price =P ME! lol
  6. it is hard to make a v8 look like it belongs in a Datsun... and sir... You have made it look AMAZING!
  7. finished one project. and started a new one.
  8. only thing that would make this better would be 280 tail lights
  9. love this truck! wish I could find that wide-body for my KC Keep up the good work! :thumbup:
  10. Went to Fest and sold one of my drawings! makes me quite happy

    1. Ranman72


      that is cool your art work is nice

    2. Z chopper
  11. Thanks man! :thumbup: I wish I had your fab skill, but Ican't even get my Datsun running to begin with! :rofl:
  12. Looks pretty damn good, why did ya get rid of it???
  13. done for today... them wheels pissin me off....
  14. start to a new project. 64' Ford Galaxie XL Convertible. Christmas Present for my grandma.
  15. laugh at me all you want, but it is sadly catchy.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLy4cvRx7Vc
  16. YUUUUUUSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! my 2nd favorite body skyline =P excited to see more progress!
  17. picked up a Mk1 GTI front lip for the Bimmer in trade for some work on an Explorer think it looks pretty darn good just a mock up, can't wait to get it actually on!
  18. sucks the M10 is dead, Excited to see where this little one takes ya! and on a second note, would you be willin to sell the old Valve Cover?????
  19. I get that. i just want to know WHY he thinks i did. I work hard as hell on these. that Celica took me 3 days to finish, just to get all the angles right and get the shadowing right, and if you look, IT STILL ISN'T RIGHT... Just pisses me off that's all....
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