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  1. PICS!!!!!! I wanna see this new stuff! lol Glad to hear bout the small progress. Slow progress is better than No progress
  2. Agreed! Sounds like it is time for an L-series swap to me.... :devil:
  3. You know the Drill Bonvo! lol Glad to see this girl is gettin some love =P
  4. If you are interested I have some of these for Sale. 7$ each just send me a message if you want better pics of them or if you are interested
  5. Finished then NSX! now time to start a Rabbit.....
  6. Finished the line art for it. doin shading later. i need a break lol
  7. Started on another. need to finish this one by tomorrow... fuck this sucks...
  8. Honda is Done and Framed now time to draw another Honda.... at least it's an NSX now.
  9. Pretty sure i am just ruining this, but it never hurts to try.
  10. New years is when I can start doin stuff for people =P
  11. A new one Started for my Grandma. she has an ES1 Civic so i figured why not.
  12. anyway, base line art done on the E36. I an REALLY happy with this one
  13. here is an E36 i am workin on. done for today, goin to pick it up tomorrow
  14. Progress looks great! can't wait too see the end product!
  15. I would love to see this thing in an Offroad Mag when it is "Done" What am I saying.... there is no project that is ever DONE!
  16. Lovin the bug man! I absolutely Hate the Empi stuff though.... the quality control of their stuff has gone down hill. Kinda upsetting... nothing fits quite right.
  17. Illuminate now time to start a Plymouth.....
  18. Nice little rig here! maybe I missed somethin, but do you plan to keep the US Spec body parts? and old school SLots? either way, i am keepin an eye on this =P
  19. beginning of my next one. this one if for girl friends dad.
  20. finally Finished the Cabriolet "Clipper" as i have dubbed it. and started a new project.
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