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  1. nice progress! really like how you are taking the time to repair original panels and not just replacing them. not somethin you see much these days. on another note. if you were to sell the roof rack, how much would you want for it??? been lookin for a nice rack for my bimmer.....
  2. It's not people getting butthurt, it's others openly being ignorant asshats. Would you walk up to someone at a car show, and tell them they ruined thier 510 by putting hood pins on it? Or fender mirrors? No. You would say to yourself or your buddies who actually care your opinion, that you don't like it. This isn't people getting butthurt, it is people getting upset over being disrespected. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean you have to make up some "legitimate" reason For it to be ruining it.
  3. Agreed. But what is really sad is... in all honesty.. NONE OF IT MATTERS! People will always be dumb and do shit you don't like. ALWAYS. People will always ruin their perfectly good cars. ALWAYS if you don't like it. keep your opinions to yourself, or bitch at people that care. this just sounds like a bunch of closed minded dicks who have nothing better to do than complain about how "Johnny Fix-A-Lot" can't or doesn't want to Restore everything to perfect shape. there are perfect examples still out there, and there always will be. if you don't like it... DON'T DO IT! Construct
  4. Sucks about the Gen! glad to hear this will be used though :P
  5. Sounds like a pretty Shitty day man. Sorry to hear :crying:
  6. Line art Done. just goin to do a "High Contrast" for shading. all the textured stuff, windows, seals.... pretty much anything that isn't the main body lol
  7. There will be a 521 comin soon. there are a few i still need to get done for x-mas gifts, some will get their's late, but thats what they get what is left on the List 1.82' Mustang (workin on it) 2. 70's Beetle 3. 521 4. Aventador then i'm goin to HOPEFULLY do a project for myself(either a widebody 620 King cab, or a widebody 05' Tiburon), Then commissions start Lol
  8. here is the start to a new project. This one is for my Little Brother. he likes Mustangs cause they "Look Cool" so i am drawing him the Coolest mustang EVER! 82' Foxbody GT ;)
  9. always wanna do it right. I need to get a decent soldering iron. don't wanna use my girlfriends dads cause it was like 500$. Goddam... this truck is way to cool! :thumbup:
  10. IT'S DONE! finally after 12 hours it is done!
  11. done for now, too tired and my hands are startin to shake.
  12. And shading begins. goal is to get this one as realistic as i can. probably fail but i will try.
  13. Like the new one! i would just build it as a freeway screamer! Ahem... i mean a complete track car for use at the local circuit.....
  14. Love this car. Makes me REALLY want a 710 LOL!
  15. SO GADDAM HAPPY WITH THIS!!!!!!!!! Finished the line art! now time to ruin it with shading....
  16. Damn man! great work! wish i could do more than cars. i can do faces... but they take for flippin ever and piss me off lol.
  17. YUS! my girls mom had an 82' Rabbit so i figured a plain boring rabbit... would be just that.... lol I used to have an 84' GTI with a Cabriolet round front end swap.
  18. Here is a MK1 for my (Hopefully) Future Mother-In-Law that i started. seriously my best MK1 ever sofar!
  19. well i started another. HOPEFULLY goin to see who the NSX and this Benz are goin to tomorrow so i figured i would start that.... so goddam behind....
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