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  1. This is one MEAN Bee! keep up the good work man!
  2. gettin there. actually startin to look like a 620!
  3. It will be a while. Have to get my Bimmer runnin first. Then whe n full time work comes into my life, and i have space to work on it, this is getting torn down, all the structural rust is gettin fixed and the l16 is getting bosche fuel injection and boost ;P big plans for it, but lack of funds.
  4. Holy hell! At first I was upset you ditched the paint that was on it but this thing looks great now! Keep up the good work!
  5. i would just Vacuum, Sand, and Rhino-line. but that's coming from someone who has never done floors before! :rofl:
  6. Line art is 99.9% done, just noticed a few things i forgot. and a few lines i need to fix lol. won't be postin anymore updates till shading starts. only about 6-8 more hours left on this one!
  7. No worries man! i thought about it before i started, and decided to do the front anyway. I was goin to do the KC as a rear view to avoid it. and having both sides and both front and rear on 2 different pics would be nice =P
  8. cause it is =P Slow progress is better than none. That Grille will be the death of me.....
  9. The first Drawing of 2015 has started.
  10. Love seein this kinda work done to a 520! usually 520's are kept stock"ish" with steelies and such. ANYWAY! Love the new wheels, both front and rear :thumbup:
  11. I am AMAZED! this is the most amazing Resto I have seen to date. And i used to hang out with muscle car dudes, so thats sayin somethin. I love the attention to detail you are giving each piece, honestly Inspires me to go out and to this to one of my cars! (even though none of them are worthy... LOL!) Keep up the good work man!
  12. COMMISSIONS START TOMORROW! JANUARY 1ST 2015! Anyway, if you want any done Message me tomorrow and we can chat about what you would like :thumbup:
  13. Finished the Pop-up Trio for Justin this mornin.
  14. Is it bad that i am more excited for the MK1 Caddy than anything else??? I haven't been able to find a goon anywhere... feel like givin up... LOL
  15. and the halfway point on the AE. Hoping to have these done so the new owner can pick em up this afternoon. i think i will finish it in the morn...
  16. now i haven't been COMPLETELY slackin the last few days. Friend of mine wants some done a certain way to put on shirts so i am workin on gettin them done before new years. needed to finish an NSX, S13, and an AE86. all with open pop-ups, just basic line art, front view, with a slight cartoony feel. not as easy of a task as you may think....
  17. Just curious... does this still apply if you know what it means, and put them on accordingly? such as a driver that has only gotten his License getting with no extra training the beginner license decal, and people with more training gets a different one? just curiosity. cause i have a buddy that has gone through a more than a few racing training courses and other driving aid courses that has a "Experienced Driver" Magnet on his RX-7.
  18. I really want to draw this 510. I absolutely love it. Has changed alot since I first saw it, in all the right ways... lol
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