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  1. Love it! I personally like the 2+2 more than the standard coupe, and you have done this one great justice! Welcome!
  2. Yeah... hand slipped... with Sharpie..... so it looks odd.
  3. Welcome! And I like the first rims. Look the best no matter how ya do it.
  4. Line Art done on the KC ended up a bit different than the Photo's ya sent me eh' Hobospyder? :rofl:
  5. Maybe. I know I am workin cheap, this is not my only source of money. I don't have much more but this is more of somethin I LIKE to do, that I thought I could make some cash on. Maybe it's how I value my time. If I am doin somethin I like, I don't feel it should be much. I plan on raising prices a little after I figure out if I can handle the work load. Not much, enough that I can tell people that I undercut most, which to me is important. Value for money. People are charging 80-300$ each for what I do, at a slightly better quality. This is more of an self esteem booster for me, than anything
  6. Thanks :w00t: I just hope you feel it is justified once you get em' :blush:
  7. When your Girlfriend goes to Walmart, and then calls because she wanted to confirm which Datsuns you have!
  8. For complete shaded Drawing like the last 620, That took me around 8 1/2-10 hours...ish. So it really depends on what I am doing. So it isn't a fast process, but I strive to get em as perfect as i can without loosing patience. which i have on e few. Started on an R34 Skyline at the beginning of summer and I lost patience. The mesh wheels I was doing didn't tun out and that is what I really wanted on there. So I just quit. Moved on to the next! :rofl: I could finish one a day, but then I would get burnt out and loose motivation. So I try to take 2 days on em' but sometimes it takes lon
  9. Thanks guys :w00t: Tr8er, I agree with you on the light touches of color. i think it really adds a different feel, and a slight realism, which i LOVE! But i did lose your meaning on the second part of your comment lol
  10. Start to the next one... this will be a pain in the ass.... :rofl:
  11. Call me crazy but this is the most beautiful KC i have ever seen. the Baja Claws, combo'd with how low it is, and the flat black LOOKS. FUCKING. AMAZING! basically how i want my KC.
  12. My first Datsun was a rust bucket 78' King cab shell my dad gave to me a couple years back. He drove it for about 8 months before he parted it for his 73' and in those 8 months i grew really attached to it and didn't want to see it crushed. and as of now it still sits... as a shell.... waiting for the cash, space and the skill to build it into the screamer i want! Plans as of now are a Twin Charged, EFI powered L16 I got from Tristin a while back.
  13. Thanks man! I never realized though how hard it is for people to get a good photo of a 620KC from the rear....... all the photo's i find are at goofy angles i don't like, or are really bad quality... :crying: Thank you. that actually means alot. most people i know, non-car people i should say, just think it is silly i am so proud cause it's "just a car"
  14. dude! those look SICK! now git em' on! On another note, your stickers will be coming once Paypal finishes the Transaction =P
  15. should be done within the next hour or so!
  16. Thanks! doin more work on it tonight. hope to have this one done tomorrow. Hardest parts are done. lol
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