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  1. One thing I did learn however is.... I am like Picasso with an angle grinder!


    Lots of crooked lines that either intersect weird, or kinda go nowhere! 😂😂😂

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  2. Actually made some REAL progress last night. cut out the battery try, cab mount, and a bit of the core support. . next up is to finish cutting the scraggly bits of rusted sheet on the Cab mount, then rust Neutralizer on it. after that, making new panels for what I have cut out. I am moving the battery to a box in the bed, so no need to "Replace" the tray, just the sheetmetal underneath.



    Still a bit of Pitted metal, but not alot. i reckon a neutralizer, and body filler after i fix the surrounding area should fix it right up. 






    Cab mount looks a bit Boofed. but it still feels super solid, so it will go back in. just after it gets some more love






  3. Since I am kinda Held up on the Engine right now, I decided to tear apart some bits around the battery tray and see how bad it ACTUALLY is. Workable. The body mount is Solid still, but the rest of the sheetmetal around it needs love... Lots of love. 




















    Sorry for the shitty Video Quality. 


    Planning on cutting out alot tomorrow.... We'll see how that goes! lol


  4. 8 hours ago, Lockleaf said:

    Flux core and sheet are very difficult and frustrating.  Make sure that every time you end a weld you chip and scrub all the flux out before starting another weld that contacts the first weld.  


    Because sheet requires small tacks to avoid warpage, cleaning a row of tacks before running the next row will take forever, but will be necessary.


    Thank you sir!

  5. Nothing Crazy, but making VERY Small Progress. 


    Since the Alternator still worked, I just tore it apart and cleaned it up a bit. Not show quality, but nice enough for this truck






    Also picked up a small used Flux welder and helmet. Had a go at the old muffler of the truck. not amazing, but i don't think it was terrible for a first try. Hopefully i can do the sheetmetal work I need to now.






    Burned through a few times, but that's why I was practicing on scrap and not the truck! 😆

  6. 15 hours ago, Noll said:


    Thanks! Not always easy to get motivation some days, but I REALLY want to get this damn car done, so I try to push past that and at least get some stuff done most of the time, even if it's not as much as I'd like.


    I called it quits once the rocker was tacked on a couple days ago as It was getting really annoying to get it in the right place, and figured I'd do a better job finishing that all up the next day when I wasn't tired and annoyed at the car.




    This is EXACTLY where I am at with the 720. Finding Motivation is hard, But I really want to start driving It and not my POS Lexus. and I'll be able to move onto my next project once the Truck is drive-able, So I try to push Myself to work on it a little. 

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