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  1. HOly hell! i'm not on for like 2 weeks and i miss like 15 pages of MBT's Wagon build!?!?!?!?!?

  2. Hopefully, if things go as planned, i should have a 13B for my truck by the end of the week. kinda exited!

    1. bonvo


      this is an engine im considering it depends on what becomes avalable when i have money lol

  3. i wish i had a life... for me it is: Ratsun; Girlfriend; Drawing Datsuns; and school. oh if you want too see drawings look in the Insomniacs =P

  4. Is 150$ for a Z24i w/260K miles and a 5speed a reasonable price?

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    2. 68Datsun510


      Asking ratsun if a price is a ripoff.... You must be new here...


      "Anything more than free found under a freeway overpass is too much!"

    3. Dguy210


      Wait do I have to pick it up from under the freeway or are you going to deliver that ;)

    4. Z chopper

      Z chopper

      if all else fails that 5spd should bolt up to an L series no problem

  5. license plate once my truck is licenced "BRAAINS" lol

  6. random thought... who owns an F10 on Ratsun?????

    1. Will


      I owned one in the past - some E10s too - they're fun little gokarts, but the 5 speed is no fun to shift.

    2. LenRobertson


      Me for one! This thread http://community.ratsun.net/topic/44788-f-10-fugly-no-love-till-now/ is F10ish. If you look back through the "Other Datsuna and Nissans" category, there are a few F10 threads, where other Ratsuners confess to F10 ownership.

  7. thinkin of doin retro 70's or 80's stripage on my 620, in rust!

    1. FiveSeventyZee


      do it. lol, I been thinking about doing a rising sun on my hood in rust. (it already really jacked up from when my battery exploded)

  8. Went to Fest and sold one of my drawings! makes me quite happy

    1. Ranman72


      that is cool your art work is nice

    2. Z chopper
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