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  1. Went to Fest and sold one of my drawings! makes me quite happy

    1. Ranman72


      that is cool your art work is nice

    2. Z chopper
  2. HOly hell! i'm not on for like 2 weeks and i miss like 15 pages of MBT's Wagon build!?!?!?!?!?

  3. random thought... who owns an F10 on Ratsun?????

    1. Will


      I owned one in the past - some E10s too - they're fun little gokarts, but the 5 speed is no fun to shift.

    2. LenRobertson


      Me for one! This thread http://community.ratsun.net/topic/44788-f-10-fugly-no-love-till-now/ is F10ish. If you look back through the "Other Datsuna and Nissans" category, there are a few F10 threads, where other Ratsuners confess to F10 ownership.

  4. license plate once my truck is licenced "BRAAINS" lol

  5. Is 150$ for a Z24i w/260K miles and a 5speed a reasonable price?

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    2. 68Datsun510


      Asking ratsun if a price is a ripoff.... You must be new here...


      "Anything more than free found under a freeway overpass is too much!"

    3. Dguy210


      Wait do I have to pick it up from under the freeway or are you going to deliver that ;)

    4. Z chopper

      Z chopper

      if all else fails that 5spd should bolt up to an L series no problem

  6. thinkin of doin retro 70's or 80's stripage on my 620, in rust!

    1. FiveSeventyZee


      do it. lol, I been thinking about doing a rising sun on my hood in rust. (it already really jacked up from when my battery exploded)

  7. Hopefully, if things go as planned, i should have a 13B for my truck by the end of the week. kinda exited!

    1. bonvo


      this is an engine im considering it depends on what becomes avalable when i have money lol

  8. i wish i had a life... for me it is: Ratsun; Girlfriend; Drawing Datsuns; and school. oh if you want too see drawings look in the Insomniacs =P

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