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  1. bass

    1975 620 4x4

    its actually a 1974 if that matters
  2. 1975 620 4x4 $1900 obo dana 30 front axle, dana 20 transfer case, stock rear L motor, 4 speed manual, front gm disc brakes runs, minimal rust/very straight included but not installed- new grill, new front rancho shocks, new end links, like new rear slider with rubber, xtra hood 1986 vg30-ran when i pulled it from my 510 will text or email pics, or check out sf bay area craigslist-datsun 620 thanks
  3. i have a 1975 620 4x4,runs, gm front disc brakes, L engine, comes with running 1986 vg30, new endlinks, new front rancho shocks, new grill, new rear slider and rubber, xtra hood, im in santa cruz
  4. bass

    V8 in 620

    k-trip, i am selling a 620 4x4 on craigslist
  5. bass

    V8 in 620

    i test drove that 4x4 v8 620, it has an olds aluminum race engine, it was not safe, way to much hp and torque. i ended up buying a 1972 620 with a sylvia sr20 turbo,/5speed its fast sounds awsome and looks kool when you pop the hood.
  6. bass

    truck is lower on one side

    i udjusted torsion, got the front pretty level, the back is more level, the driver side torsion screw is about an inch + more thread than the other side, would reindexing torsion give more front lift? truck is still too raked, is it ok to take out the bottom flat leaf spring to lose a little rear height?
  7. bass

    truck is lower on one side

    i didnt notice it had a lean when it was lowered. so its typical for the 620s to lean? u just have to adjust for it?
  8. bass

    Parting Out 1973 Datsun 620

    u gota rear axle? where u loacated?
  9. bass

    truck is lower on one side

    i bought a 1972 620 with an sr20 turbo and 5 speed swap, it was lowered when i bought it, i took the blocks off the rear and turned torsion arms all the way to lift the truck so i could put mud tires on it, sort of a prerunner, the truck is about an inch lower on the passenger side, both front and rear tires are an inch+ closer to the fenders and the truck has an obvious lean, i changed the rear leaf springs and put on new rear shocks, with no change in lean. it didnt look like it was leaning when it was lowered, any ideas? bent frame?
  10. bass

    parts question

    those napa rear eye bushings are for 78-79, will they fit a 72-77? or is there a part # on those?
  11. bass

    parts question

    nice, il try napa first since it might be quicker. thanks
  12. bass

    parts question

    ya energy suspension rear bushings dont fit, they are too long and too much play between the leaf spring and bushing, and the front ones dont at all look like the stock ones, dont have the metal inserts. ive searched and called many nissan websites for 55045-b0700 and 55045-b5000, no one has them, know any where to order em? thanks
  13. bass

    parts question

    any idea where to order these stock bushings? rock auto didnt have them, i ordered some online and they emailed back saying they dint have em, called another nissan dealer, no dice. got the energy suspension ones, they dont fit.
  14. bass

    parts question

    nissan, got it, thanks, anyone ever use energy suspension bushings?

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