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  1. been along time since ive been on here but heres my new'er 210 i picked up :)
  2. the full stock complete setup for sale. all working and great condition. Seattle/Tacoma area. price- make an offer. perfect for someone trying to restore a classic Z. text for details (253) 678-0200 ask for brooks :D will add pictures when i find the cable to my camera :/
  3. are u like a pro painter or did you just deside to do it urself? im thinking of doing it myself to on my 240z. any tips? :D
  4. 3295 this will suck with my z to have a front plate just because i have no ware to mount it :/
  5. the s2k motor is a streat six right? so why not a rb or is a rb to long. i mean thats a cool idea but i thought it was a sin to put a honda motor into a nissan's?
  6. subbie240z


    yea im allways gunna garage it becouse to many trees by my house
  7. my z when i first got it. :) these are old pics. working on getting it ready for paint :D
  8. subbie240z

    my 78'

    how did you get ahold of a rb25det. did you just buy the front clip?
  9. subbie240z


    thx for the help. ill finish up the body work myself and maybe prime it myself then take it to Macco for the color coat and clear. :)
  10. subbie240z


    Hey guys, i am new to the forums and just wanted to let every one know. besides that i have a Datsun 240z that could use some paint. i was just wondering if any of you knew of a good paint shop in the washington/tacoma area. i want my car to be done nice but i dont have alot of money and im not going to take it to maaco because i have heard to many horror storys about them. any suggestions ware i should take my z ? thx for the help guys:)
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