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    I don't want to get rid of it, but I want to start a business and this is in my way. This has been a project of mine for almost 15 years, but I never got around to doing everything I wanted and it this point it's only costing me money. It runs and drives but burns oil and needs some work. I have another stock rear end, which would come with this, that I planned on swapping out, but have not, as well as other parts I've accumulated over the years. Let me know if you have any questions.


    Indianapolis, Indiana - US

  2. Thanks for all the great info guys. I'm going to check the car out tomorrow and determine if it's worth buying and what rear end is actually in it.
  3. I suppose that could be. He's not really a Datsun guy from what I can tell. he just had the car as a beater and drove it for a while until he got something else.
  4. Nice! I was hoping so. The guy with the car claims that the rear end has drum brakes and what I've read says that rear end has disc brakes, so I'm not sure what that's about.
  5. I read on one of the Datsun1200 wiki pages that the H165 was a direct swap for the H150 in the B310(210). I guess I just need some clarification. Does "direct swap" mean bolt-in, with no modifications needed? If I could pop that bad boy in there without having to mod my driveshaft that would be awesome.
  6. My brain hurts. I read in the first thread that an s110 bolts in for the most part. What car does that come from? Does anything bolt in? My problem is that I'm on a budget and I don't have knowledge or access to any of these fancy machine tools.
  7. COOCHaDAMus, do have any pictures of your setup?
  8. Getn67, is there any certain year of 240sx that has the s13 rear end? Does it pretty much bolt in or is there some fab involved?
  9. Even if I do get this setup I'm going to have to change out my already-worn rear end. I sure would like an h190 but I don't know how I'm gonna find one.
  10. Well, J-boy I don't think i'm going to be letting the Weber go just yet. It's always good to have a backup in case some other venture doesn't go as planned. I've been looking into this R1 setup a bit and I think it may be the way I'll go. The problem is finding someone to make the manifold. So far, I don't have a guy here in town that can build one; I've emailed someone that apparently makes these (found their email on Ratsun) and messaged a fellow Ratsun member that makes them out of billet as well. Hopefully something will turn up.
  11. Do you know of anyone else who has done this? It seems like a good idea but I don't think i've seen another datsun owner with this setup.
  12. I kinda like your solution, Kirden. I had a chance a couple years ago to buy an a15 from a guy in my county for 100 bucks and at the time I was broke. Wish I had it now so I could something like what you're talking about and drop it in. Thanks everyone for the feedback.
  13. Ya, I will definitely ask them. It just seems like there are more people here that know whats available in America.
  14. Ya a KA, CA or SR swap is something I have been considering but there are a couple reasons why I'm not sure I want to do that. 1. the more I think about it the more expensive it sounds. I'd need a different rear end, drive shaft, exhaust, etc. The rear end is the biggest problem for me. I'd need an H190 which is very hard to find or a custom rear end which is expensive. Not to mention I have no where to keep my car while the motor is out of it. 2. I like the nostalgia of a rodded out stock motor. I just think it would be cool to open the hood and see it done that way. I guess I can't e
  15. So is this not a good idea then? I have a Weber 32/36 on it now and it added some pep but it's nowhere near fast.
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