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  1. Good lord, and people have the temerity to question MY sanity. Stop trolling Mike........................... YOU debase yourself!
  2. Really dude, you castigate a fellow Aussie? I will add, you reside in Queensland, 2nd, only to Western Australia for "backwards values" and ideals............ Thanks for the comment on my sanity, rest assured, I am "more lucid" than many people you will ever meet! (subjective statement I know).
  3. Not in Gods country you don't Mike. I'll give you some free lessons in VPN's, sandboxes, and, other stuff if you like.
  4. THE MOST destructive influence on Murica is now gone! Congratulations President Biden. Some simple words spoken by him which will resonate with the world! Joe Biden’s inauguration speech, annotated - Washington Post
  5. And, Mike, just when you thought the rabbit hole, didn’t go any deeper.......
  6. Now, I, am , incredibly intrigued..... You post, the square, and compass, of , what, “my brethren” view as, a revered object..... Happy to, should you wish to do so, take this discussion “offline” SMIB.
  7. Mike, Mike. Mike. Thank you, I, have now changed my underpants, after, figureatively, and, literally, pissing myself laughing at your comment. If, and a verry fucking big "if", Ratsun today, tomorrow, or, until the end of days becomes, or is, the poster child of the Internets fora, for, rational speech, normalicy and, at times,(subjective assesment of course) the last bastion of rational speech, compared to "rants", ive got nothing! Cheers!
  8. BTW ladies, as the "worlds greatest democracy" , stands, on the brink of Civil War, and, lunatic fringe groups like "the proud boys", "boogaloo", and, whatever your fucked up (insert coughing noise here) collective democracy either, continue to ignore, or support, and/or encourage, fester, and grow, like a pus filled sore, continue to thrive, how are things going in "Murica"???????? Shitpot third world countries, like, North Korea, Prima Facie, don't deploy their National Guard to "protect their democracy", unlike the situation "Murica" currently finds itself in! p.s. C
  9. No bitch, and, not that I have 'ANYTHING' to justify to you, but, going on now, more that 10+ months of sobriety. How is your Meth addiction going shithead?
  10. You softcock, and, clearly spineless individual, you bit........ Jelybacked numbnutssed wanker........
  11. NO, you, are, fucked.......... The Canuck puppet, can sit back, and troll, all he wants......... I still live in, the “real” land of the free, and the, home of the brave........ In the interim, the “real world”, will sit back and continue to, watch Muricas demise into the quagmire of a “3rd world country”. ”Oh say can you see, “pissant Muricans going down the toilet, as their, warped, and dystopian “democracy”, crumbles”. p.s., bananna, you lame, banjo plucking fuck, feel free to to come to, “the real gods country”, if, you ever wan
  12. Thanks dude, you, appear, to “get it” ! God bless you, and yours mate! Shallow words, and, countenance from me, should you, and your family, EVER, need it, you have my support, and blessing, with, whatever you choose!
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