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  1. joser09

    enkei competition 8

    will post pics asap tommorow
  2. joser09

    enkei competition 8

    i have an extra set i wanna sell but im new to datsuns........ whats the going price for these? they are 13s straight and are gold
  3. i have a dobi air dam for a 510 . used has a few small cracks, but still very usable. will have pics up tommorow. looking for a local LA area sale as i dont like dealing with shipping, price is 80$. make me an offer. located in azusa im also looking to buy a 510 hood in usable condition. if u know of any :D
  4. joser09

    215/50/30 where to buy?

    ive looked on crigslist only found up too 185 on the width
  5. joser09

    215/50/30 where to buy?

    there not for a tractor 30 is a typo havent been on in a couple days didnt see it till now. im looking for 215/50/13 the 510 has some on right now but are gooing out soon :( ive called sooooo many shops and no go on the tires
  6. joser09

    215/50/30 where to buy?

    anyone know a local la shop that carries these or local. i could probly get these online right??... but id rather not deal with shipping as its always a hasle for me.
  7. joser09

    where to get a replacement fan!!!!!!!

    those dual 9 in fans are looking like the way ima go. thanks for the link really_drunk , ur also from azusa.i guess it is a small world after all lol
  8. joser09

    l series block id

    l20b it is. the ratsun community come through again thanks guys!
  9. joser09

    l series block id

    the block is a u95 and the head is a w58. im thinking its a l20b can anyone confirm?
  10. i just got a wrecked datsun 510 2 weeks ago. thus far ive finished welding and replacing the complete front end. motor runs great but i need a fan. im running a champion aluminum 3 row radiator on it. does anyone know where i can get a replacement new or used? any suggestions as my internet searches have not gotten me anywhere. im also open to using an electric if anyone can recomend anything. ive been to all the local shops small and large but still come up empty handed.
  11. joser09

    need a 510 hood!

    i want to buy a hood for my 71. mainly looking for something in socal because it easier
  12. joser09

    new zg flares 100$

    king bee i didnt delete it..... have been real busy havent been on to check very frequently. driftzilla i email u just now
  13. joser09

    new zg flares 100$

    i dont have a pay pal looking to get a local deal . its for fronts and backs a complete set. im new to the site so im not sure on how to post pics but ill try ill take some and have em up by tonight. im in the 91702 area. i can meet up half way if our not too far off
  14. joser09

    new zg flares 100$

    bought them but didnt use em on my 510 my loss ur gain. im in azusa covina area these are new and undamaged. up for traeds for 510 parts hmu or sell for 100
  15. joser09

    Datsun 510 For Sale 2 DOOR

    still for sale?

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