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  1. rkldesign

    Anyone want to buy new 320 vent window rubbers?

    I have a decent vent window rubber gasket if one wants to borrow it for scanning etc. Richard Kramer 707-260-5327
  2. rkldesign

    New to the forum..need parts for my L320 project

    I too have some Nos parts available, mostly engine, clutch, parts. I have listed on ebay some now front round turn signal lenses for auction. Richard
  3. rkldesign

    Mighty Mouse Engine Rebuild & Upgrades

    Very nice work. Looking forward to seeing more progress. Richard
  4. rkldesign

    320 Clutch

    I have some clutch parts too, email me, have other parts as well. Richard
  5. rkldesign

    Beekeeping Truck in the making...

    Last year I found a ice L320 on ebay for 2200.00 and decided to snatch it up and use it as a advertising and work truck for my beekeeping business here in Napa. This is the beginning of the build thread and photos to document the process and bring everyone up to date.
  6. rkldesign

    Heater hoses

    I would connect the breather hose from the valve cover to the air cleaner to help warm the fresh air intake. Anyone disagree? Richard
  7. rkldesign

    need a 320 front bumper and guards/over riders

    I may have what you need, email me at rkldesign@sbcglobal.net
  8. rkldesign

    v320 wagon build thread

    V20 Kid, I have an old shop parts manual that has your V20 in it with all the exploded views of how things go together and the part numbers listed on a schedule. Would you be interested in a copy? Richard
  9. rkldesign

    Another 320 - new owner - 65

    Fletch? Yes Mike was kind enough to let his parts collection go. I was grateful to have some back up parts for my projects. Yes we'd like to see your trailer hitch setup so we can do the same. Yes the Beekeeping biz is great here in Napa, I am always with a supply of honey. I am using one of the trucks for my bee hive visits and honey sales. It is a great PR truck , everybody looks at it and sees my logo and phone number. One of the best ways to advertise my small business. Here in Napa it is all slow in town driving so I am not pissing off any Beemers..... Still have some parts available, points, bearings, some used stuff too, a J13 motor and trans. Richard
  10. rkldesign

    Another 320 - new owner - 65

    Nice pics, looks like you are enjoying the truck. If you ever get down here in Napa look me up. I have two trucks right now and lots of spare parts if you need any. I met Mike the guy you bought his truck from and he would be happy to see it being used. Take care, Richard
  11. rkldesign

    Hi starting a project for my boss

    If you still need help with the truck I can provide some pics of mine to help you with where parts go. Richard
  12. rkldesign

    Hi starting a project for my boss

    Hey there I may have some of the seals you need, let me know what parts you need and I can check my stash. I also posted on ebay a few days ago lots of parts under Datsun 320 heading. Richard
  13. I have been posting parts for sale on ebay today and last night. If you do not see any parts you might need listed email me with your wish list and I will see what I can do. I bought two L320s and one came with a ton of NOS and used parts. Most I do not need so I am selling off parts to fund my paint job and new windshield. I do have some body parts as well and will post those as well but they will need to be picked up here locally, Napa, Ca. Thanks, Richard
  14. rkldesign

    my ebay babies! 320(daily) + N320(project)

    I listed some parts for sale on ebay. Look under Datsun 320 for the parts. Richard
  15. rkldesign

    Hi I am the NEW owner of a 1962 datsun L320

    Hey there, I listed a starter for sale on ebay as well as other parts that you might need. Richard

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