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  1. You should see the parts hoard!! I think I have everything I need now. Just got my motor back from being refreshed, suspension is ready to go in once I powder coat the crossmember then out with the glass and new seals all around.
  2. Well been a while since I posted. Didn't make my "running" deadline for the summer so I thought I'd just get right into the deep. Got the eng compartment stripped and painted. I think it turned out pretty good for being done in my driveway!! Now I can start putting the suspension and engine in.
  3. I've got the rear markers if you need.
  4. Not sure what turbo yet. Just want to get it running first.
  5. Well I just finished making up my heim joint tie rod end kits. They look nice and will get rid of any slop/play in the steering that the factory "ball joint" style will allow. Just need to finish weld them and get them installed!!
  6. Well not much to update. Dropped off the templates to the laser cutter to make for me. Should have those back on monday or tuesday. Ordered a hole whack of parts, got the locks re-keyed. Stripped off the front stock suspension to make way for all the new goodies!! Gonna pull the windsheild this week to replace the seal. New sound deadening/heatsheild is going in tomorrow, then new carpet goes in.
  7. The stance will have about an inch and a half rake towards the front maybe a bit more as I think I might run a slightly bigger tire in the rear as those ones are perfect in the front but look really small in the rear so I'm thinking of stepping it up to a 205-50/16. That should fill the wheel wells up a bit better. As for the color. It will be changing to the 05 viper orange pearl. Rear disk brackets are all cut out so now it's time to break out the welder and make em permanent then figure out the e-brake cables. It's getting there. I just want to have something on the road for the summer so paint will have to wait a while. I think it will polish up but definitely keeping my fingers crossed.
  8. Hey Crackerjack, I started a build thread on the orange goon I bought from you. That car is a hell of a lot cleaner than I originally thought it was! Its coming along I hope to have it running/driving by the end of the month. Check it out when you have a chance. Ive done a lot of work to it in the last week or so. Doesn't look like it but I have.
  9. Well I managed to strip all the factory sound deadening off the floor now and sealed with a epoxy. Next step is to lay down a good insulation and new carpets. My new weather seals came in the other day. With any luck I will have the motor in this weekend.
  10. Well just did a little more work for the goon. I just finished cleaning up a spare diff so I had it bead blasted and then I put several coats of eurathane on it. The center section is currently getting the gears swapped out to 4.88's. I also made up the template for the rear disk conversion. I will be using Altime calipers and rotors as thats what I had lying around and should work well. Plus they are cheap to replace. The caliper bracket will be a weld on setup as I'm not concerned about a permanent application. I have no wants to convert it back. I also started to black out the window frames on the doors and body. I think it looks a little sleeker that way. Here are a few pics of the progress. rear diff mock up. Ignore the messy flange that will be ground to fit the diff before all is said and done. And here is the template for the mount brackets.
  11. Well made some decent progress today. Went out to my shop and fabbed up my trans crossmember and motor mounts, modified the eng crossmember assembled my ZX strut tubes with the coilover sleeves and RCA's and bolted up the ZX steering knuckles. When I got home I wound up getting the window fuzzies into the goon as well. Overall I would say a good days work was had!! Here are pics of the progress. Here is a comparison between the factory steering knuckles and the ZX ones. This is the assembled strut less inserts and coils/camber plates. Left and right motor mounts.( Keep in mind I haven't finished them yet) The trans crossmember.(still need to polish out the welds) I also managed to build the header today as well. It has 2 1/4" primaries into a 3" collector. Thats all till maybe next weekend. Hopefully I will sling the eng and trans in by then. This was all mocked up in my sedan as the shop is not at my house.
  12. My sedan is a carbed 13b right now with a monster bridge port but is a little too much for the street. doesn't idle worth shit and with a holley 850 feeding it fuel consumption is really high!! But I guess you gotta pay if you want to play!!!
  13. Thanks man!! Was a good score from crackerjack.
  14. It's going to be a 13b rotary with a full "j-bridge" port job with the RX-7 5 speed. Eventually I will transplant the newer rotary from the RX-8 but there aren't too many around right now and what are available are really expensive. All I want is a running core as it will be coming apart for port work anyways.
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